KDE Tumbleweed users: consider giving Wayland a chance

A month ago, on impulse, I changed the settings on the SDDM screen to login with Wayland. I was pessimistic. All previous Wayland logins had sent me to unusable desktops, generally with problems with window decorations, despite tweaks to kernel parameters.

But this time, without any changes to kernel parameters or anything else, Wayland worked!

Not perfectly. I still consistently have the log-out problem that prompted a post last month: (https://forums.opensuse.org/t/two-minor-wayland-problems/165902), and have modified my log-out/shutdown to accommodate it. There are also glitches that only have occurred a couple of times: widgets for closed apps that stayed in the taskbar until reboot, balky editing (a couple of times) in Kate, and (once or twice) a loss of functionality in Krunner. But I now see Wayland as completely usable, and haven’t logged in to Tumbleweed with X11 since late April.

Most of the users of this forum are more knowledgeable than I am. I write only to suggest that fellow Tumbleweed users with KDE desktops consider giving Wayland another chance, even if disappointed in the past.

This post describes my results with KDE/Tumblweed/Wayland on two computers with nvidia cards, one with the proprietary nvidia driver installed ‘the hard way’ and the other with nouveau. Functionality is identical. However, on a negative note: I have one rarely used computer with a bare metal install of Leap 15.4 in one partition, and am afraid that my results with Leap were worse. For me, that Leap 15.4 installation is still X11 only.


I have MAJOR Wayland issues, so can’t use Wayland. I’m using Nvidia latest drivers. First try, I got a black screen with a blinking cursor. After “googling” for a thousand forums, issue was use FISH shell (what it is absurd). After uninstall FISH shell, I got to reach Plasma desktop, but it’s SO EXTREMELY slow, that I can’t use it.

For me it depends on the hardware and its respective drivers.
On my laptop with an Intel CPU with integrated GPU KDE on Wayland works just fine for all of my current use cases.
On my desktop PC with an AMD Ryzen CPU with integrated GPU and the AMDGPU driver I’m still having some issues, for example with playing videos in full screen mode. On this machine I still prefer the X session.

I use Wayland/KDE on my Intel laptop and it is flawless, but my desktop is Intel/nVidia and I have to run X-11/KDE, but it is very close to being usable. I only have a few minor issues, mostly it hangs on shutdown/reboot and I have to wait for it to timeout.

I will admit that Wayland has come a long way in the past several months. The progress the team is making is impressive, to say the least.

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Wayland with autologin is now also working fine for me, see the split off thread, I have a system integrated graphics.

Fedora plans to drop X11 entirely for KDE Plasma 6

Can take a while, OpenSuse is currently on KDE Plasma v: 5.27.5

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I recently downloaded the Plasma image of GeckoLinux Rolling, which installs openSUSE Tumbleweed. Installed to a SanDisk Cruzer Glide thumb drive and separately installed the package to provide Wayland.

Using KDE, Wayland works perfectly and this is on a AMD Radeon GPU from 2009 inside a desktop. :+1:

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Apparently replying to my own posts which were split from this post (incorrectly because I was giving my own opinions on Wayland). @deano_ferrari, if you could be more mindful in the future, I choose to continue my thread of thoughts and was not informed that my posts had incorrectly been split from this thread. I simply went to my activity to find my old post, unknowing it had been split when my first post was “I switched to Wayland for a few hours before I had to rollback.”, which did not need to split as I was giving my opinion when I gave Wayland a chance. So asking me to come back to this thread when it’s the thread I originally posted in seems like a very big annoyance. I did not move my posts.

Catching up, I am unable to revert from Wayland back to X11 due to some trickery with the behavior screen giving multiple “Plasma (X11)” options. I have started my own thread on that here.

Yes, splitting the thread did introduce other problems. In any case best to keep technical assistance issues in the appropriate forum (as I see you’ve now done).

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For me, I’m too used to fast graphical remote desktops and for that, the best I’ve found is x2go.

There’s just nothing there right now to do that effectively.

pipewire afaik is just very basic and not designed (and possibly never could be?) for performance.

I realize that “the plan” (or effective plan) is for Xorg to die a miserable death, but for me, it will be a sad day.

I recommend people who don’t have nvidia or some troublesome third-party app to try out wayland if they haven’t already.

I try Wayland from time to time. And it works pretty well. But I always find myself going back to X11. There are just a few little things that KDE under Wayland doesn’t get right. And maybe those are not important, but they are annoying.

I try Wayland from time to time. And it works pretty well. But I always find myself going back to X11. There are just a few little things that KDE under Wayland doesn’t get right. And maybe those are not important, but they are annoying.

I am the same.

After reboot from Wayland, it always go back to X11 (already mentioned in OP)

Anyway, I used it for couple of days, and found it better than I though it will be. Noticed only 2 small bugs for now, but haven’t looked more into these

  1. Clementine (from repo) - When I move song to the top of playlist window, list doesn’t scroll up automatically
  2. Obsidian (from flathub) - I set shortcut to start the program (Ctrl+Shift+O), it works in X11, but not in Wayland. This one is weird :smiley:

I also cheked some CAD programs (BricsCAD, FreeCAD) and games (War Mongrels) little bit, and haven’t noticed any problems. Still, I should use it much more to confirm it all works well.

KDE Plasma: 5.27.5
Kernel: 6.3.4-1
Graphics: RX 570 4GB