We need an annoying catchphrase

So you know how Arch users will always say “I use arch btw”?

What if we had something like that as well?

my ideas are :
“FYI I use openSUSE”
“Um sir I use openSUSE”

Who is “We”?

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Anyone who wants to participate in this thread??

You started this. It is your utterance. Are you now asking yourself?

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I started this in hopes of having a community thread that we could maybe create a ‘silly’ phrase similar to ‘I use arch btw’ just seemed like a good community topic, thats all.

What do you expect from such a catchphrase inside of the openSUSE forum? Users which search for help in the forum are already using openSUSE.

You are free to use whatever catchphrase you want to advertise openSUSE outside of the openSUSE forum.

But don’t expect much benefit from it. Most users who search for help in a technical support forum, are grown up. Users with basic linux knowledge and skills don’t need or use such catchphrases…

But the are for sure non technical forums available where such catchphrases ar “lit” and “hot stuff”…


Catchphrase or not…It would be good if more people get to know that the opensSUSE stuff exists.

Huh? Somewhat strange…
If you want to change from another proprietary OS to linux, you do a basic search in a search machine, e.g. “linux distributions”. And surprisingly, openSUSE is one of the popular search results.

Which distribution the users choses at the end, depends on his own research. He will find deb and rpm distros. He will research the differences. He will chose one package format. He will refine his search which distro uses this format…and at the end he will chose whatever distro he wants.

“Advertising” a linux distribution is not really necessary. Good distributions are advertising themself with functions, features, security and so on.
And it is absolutely not difficult to change your decission after some time if you are no longer happy with it. I changed my long loved main distribution after over 2 decades (i was part of the wiki team, bugsquad, package tester) and changed to openSUSE. No advertising needed. Only basic resarch skills…

Every time I see or hear the phrase “have a lot of fun” opensuse is the first one that comes to mind. :smiley:


Indeed, and I see this thread/question as someone wanting to have some fun.

If you’re not into it, that’s cool, but there’s no reason to “pile on” with it. If someone wants to have fun with it, let them. If it’s not your thing, move on to something that is.


If you are correct then things like the conferences are superflous too.

Radxa is sending representation to the one in Tokyo later this year. Wouldn’t it be a good thing to start the communication way ahead of it?

Advertising is only a side effect of these conferences. They are used for technical talk, presentations, papers, security talk and many more stuff for the technical interested and involved ppl.


I didn’t limit my argument to advertising. You did.

Nope. You talked about advertising and brought up the conferences…

It is. See the linked page. Technically involved and interested ppl are well aware of the announcement channels for such events…

There are other ways than advertising to get people to know about openSUSE.

It’s called “having fun”. Not everything is about a return on investment or “benefit”, nor does it need to have a ‘pros/cons’ discussion attached to it.

Not everything has to have a serious side. Indeed, the openSUSE “motto” is “Have a lot of fun.”

So let’s just have some fun with the idea. And if it’s not your (impersonal usage here, not directed at any individual) thing, then let those who want to have their fun. :slight_smile:


Gertjan, Geeko FTW.

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So, we don’t need to be complicated, we’ll just say.
" I have a lot of fun with openSUSE" :wink: BTW.


Tumbleweed: If you don’t like it, just wait until tomorrow.
Also, if you like it, just wait until tomorrow.