We need an annoying catchphrase

It seems so classic of the openSUSE community that your post is immediately met with questions like “why” and “but we already do… X”. I love this community precisely because it is so no nonsense and yet your post is purely asking for such fun-having nonsense. In general I find openSUSE to be lacking nonsense and much more concerned with pragmatic functionality. It’s how I’d describe the distribution in general; you are allowed to have fun, but most people here don’t seem to have time for such things and are here because it just works.

That said I think the catchphrase should align with that, something like: “I use openSUSE btw but there’s no reason you should care”, or “openSUSE user here though, so I’m just getting through my day with no particular concerns”.

More succinctly, “I use openSUSE, so, I’m just carrying on btw.”


Those are some good ideas! I definitely agree with you as the most informal thing i see around here is usually winking emojis, and even that gets boring eventually. In fact, i think that there should be a monthly conversation starter topic, similar to kde’s share you desktop, but more open ended and free to speak, or even the “Whats YOUR hobby?” This forum can just feel (no offense) but a little dull, I mean, yes, the people here are great people with probably vibrant personalities, but maybe, (like i said,) we could do a monthly conversation starter topic? And vote on next months topic?

Also, Welcome!


I think it is a great idea to do these threads more often, since not everyone who wants to participate in this community is also knowledgeable enough to answer technical questions.

You know these YouTube videos where distros are evaluated by their pros and cons, or where they get roasted or whatever? I often feel like OpenSUSE doesn’t get enough representation and I never see comments that say “I use OpenSUSE”. Instead, whenever I watch one of these videos and OpenSUSE is not mentioned, I often see a comment saying “but what about OpenSUSE?” … maybe that could be a good catchphrase, although I don’t really know how to use it when OpenSUSE is actually mentioned in the video. Or maybe that could be the annoying part of it? :laughing:

Welcome to the forum @multipliesdivides :wave:

How about:

Problem OS? Fix: Opensuse! :slightly_smiling_face:


Stay calm
use openSUSE


There is so much more one can do. Like f.e. sharing the news articles on news.opensuse.org on your social media pages, retweeting the official ones etc. etc. Within the Project we also need translators, people organizing local events, maintining the wiki pages and so on.


How about a dark-mode openSUSE logo (like the forum one top-left) with a cool-guy black glasses shade? Not really words, but kind of cool :sunglasses:

I don’t know if Fedora has a cool catchphrase, but I used it fine. Arch btw is too-memey and I associate it with ricing and Anime wallpapers. Now that I think about it, that’s the only distro I even know a catchphrase for and that’s second to RMS interjecting :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe “openSUSE is as smooth as a chameleon”, but I don’t think that flows casually enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe roll with “German Engineering” like the car manufacturer Volkswagen; when I think SUSE I think German, and I like the engineering I’ve seen with openSUSE :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a lot of fun is also good, but I only seen that on fresh installs briefly before closing the window and don’t really associate it with openSUSE. I don’t think it really gets the point across of what openSUSE offers; Arch btw implies it works, straightforwardly, no gimmicks or selling required, which also gets people in the door of it.

tbh I think “I use arch btw” is fine the way it is.

yes, that kind makes sense what you are saying

openSUSE, no worries.




Wow, that color really burns my eyes :laughing:

I must say, I’m a dedicated “Have a lot of fun!” fanboy, but this is a great one. And yes, being German I like in spite - NO - because of the historic reference. :wink:

Years ago, I took note that the responses on the openSUSE forum were friendly and helpful. It set this forum apart from so many others whose atmosphere was anything but. It drew me into openSUSE rather than the many other distros. Too many responses, on those other forums, amounted to “why do you ask stupid questions?” or “aren’t you smart enough to figure this out on your own”? I’m reminded of an old Groucho Marx quote: " I wouldn’t belong to a club that would have someone like me as a member." So, your comment about piling on is important. So is the idea that if you don’t like the topic, go to the next one. Support what you can support, ignore what you can’t.