Yast firewall module missing

I had to upgrade from Leap to Tumbleweed so I could install the latest version of Docker. When I try to use yast to open up the firewall I get an error popup saying that

** YaST currently does not have a module for configuring firewall. **

Looking at software modules, I do see there is yast firewall module installed, so not sure why I’m getting this error.

It recommends that I used firewall-config or firewall-cmd. This is a server and firewall-config is graphical. I can’t find any online documentation for firewall-cmd. Since -h lists almost two screen fulls of options, I don’t want to slog through the man pages on a non-graphical interface.

This is a a throwaway test box so I just might disable or remove the firewall but that may not be the case for my next build.

This is the i586 build

The reason is as the message says. YaST currently does not have a module for configuring the firewall.

Tumbleweed switched to using firewalld instead of SuSEfirewall2, and a new YaST module to configure that hasn’t been written yet.

I cannot really help you with firewall-cmd.
But there were threads about this already.
See e.g. can anyone provide a clear overview of the move to firewalld? - Install/Boot/Login - openSUSE Forums

PS, this should help too: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Firewalld?rd=FirewallD

It’s actually the opposite, Yast now edits firewalld, but TW hasn’t switched to using it.

See Firewall will not configure - Network/Internet - openSUSE Forums

YaST does not have a firewall module, period.
It just runs firewall-config currently (which only works in a graphical session, and not in text mode).

And Tumbleweed does use firewalld by default since some weeks.
But existing installations are not switched automatically when installing updates.

Sorry for double post, not sure what happened.