Wow, Gnome 2.28 is amazing!!!

GNOME 2.28 Release Notes

After another 6 months of intense development, the Gnome team is proud to announce that they have banned icons in menu buttons, and have spent many many hours to bring their dedicated fans a new and exciting version of Tetris!!!

But there should be no fears for long time Gnome fans as the entire interface is still as butt-ugly as ever, and the team has exceeded all expectations in totally ignoring user requests for improvements in look and feel, and managed to do nothing at all useful.

Good on you lads ;).

Ahah, … another happy gnome user! :slight_smile:

Good to see that KDE4 users have company in their desktop satisfaction. rotfl!

There’s always xfce, Enlightenment and LXDE. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all fairness, the development of Gnome 3 is going on behind the scenes, and not being put in maintenance releases.

Causing quite a schism among gnomers. There is a (or probably are several) slightly hysterical thread on the Ubuntu forums about it, and a less hysterical but still kind of doubtful one on Arch.

I haven’t tried it myself. I like the tile and scale compiz plug ins. If they break those, I’ll have to defect to XFCE.

GNOME… wuts dat? :stuck_out_tongue:

Gnome Not On My Engine. :expressionless:

I love it! That’s too funny! rotfl!

Well 2.28 is not the focus of the Gnome developers. 2.30 or 3.00 is the goal so why would anybody expect something unseen in 2.28. It’s upgrade of 2.26. It’s nice that Epiphany finaly switched to Webkit. The real major change is scheduled for March;)

Will it have some of the features implemented that KDE3 had when it was released? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding (couldn’t resist).

Nah - I think they’re skipping straight ahead to KDE 4. Apparently they’re having problems making their widget engine crash literally every time you open a program. :wink:

Maybe they should call Microsoft up and get some tips on crashing things. :slight_smile:

I try and try, but keep going back to KDE3.5 + Kwin4. It’s both awesome and familiar at the same time.

windozers’ eyes at work always go “pop!” when I show them the cube/cilinder/sphere, reduced windows view, etc. Most ask “Oh, is it windows 7?”

Most ask “Oh, is it windows 7?”

M$: Blind leading the Blind.
Folk: They are just a bunch of Lemmings.

LOL. Cruel, but fun. Well, most fun things involve some sort of cruelty, so I guess this is ok :slight_smile:

My Gnome 2.26 desktop is cool, it’s ergonomic, it’s stable, it’s pretty. I took the time to RTFM, find some things to soup it up a bit, instead of blindly assuming other people’s prejudices had substance.

This is a Soapbox. You tell me what you think I’m missing, I’ll tell you what I’ve got instead or don’t need.


GNOME is, without a doubt, the slowest desktop environment I have ever used on any platform considering the speed of the machine running it. It’s a complete slog on my double quad Xeon and I cannot imagine what horror it must be on anything lesser.

Most of the GTK applications are truly amazingly horrible not only to use from a ‘more advanced users’ perspective, they’re also amazingly poor in performance. They hog CPU, they hog memory, they hog disk space.

GNOME desktops, between releases, usually only include minor improvements, but…
In 2.28, I’M SIMPLY IMPRESSED, GNOME’s been simply REWORKED to make it more polished! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems acceptably perky on my humble Athlon 3500 boxes. To be fair, I use Metacity and not much else, with compositing on and low end Series 6/7 nVIDIA cards. I don’t doubt your story though.

My apps are a mixture of KDE3, KDE4, Gnome, desktop-neutral. I use what’s best for the job, even if the look ‘n’ feel suffers a bit. Yakuake-KDE4 works with Gnome a treat.

I just felt it was worth objecting to what often comes across as argument for argument’s sake.

If I had to be abusive about Gnome, pulseaudio would be the reason.

I’m underwhelmed by 2.28, but I will defend the desire to polish things, migrate without breakage, deprecate well in advance, and generally be robust. Just doing the job without fuss seems not to be a priority in the holy wars.

gnome is working fine for me;)

It’s more a question of taste/habit than anything else. As has been said many times, “whatever makes you happy (is OK)”.

But, it’s always productive to browse other people’s comments, it may change some ideas you’ve formed.