What Search Engine Do You Favor?

I use Scroogle SSL mostly. Though there are times I fall back to Google Linux or Google Image. But over all for general searching I use Scroogle SSL.

I use Google. I’m not scared enough to use Scroogle, however that can change. I’ve tried Bing & as usual Hype doesn’t meet Reality.
In Bing the order is slightly different, but is essentially the same as Google.

Who said I was scared, I am not scared and paranoid. Wait… someone said I was paranoid? Who’s talking about me? That scares me… rotfl!

I agree with you about Bing. I watched a little on Hulu. They went all out to show how great it was. But honestly I don’t see a real difference on the surface. And since it is from Microsoft I automatically feel cautious. (I am not an MS hater, I just don’t trust them.)

I started using Scroogle just because. I support Google and hope they do well but at the same time I do not hide the fact that I feel privacy is a right we all share and it should be respected, with in reason of course. Nothing is 100% private or secure online.

Where is AltaVista? :wink:

Hmmmm, how can you loose a search engine? :\

What do you mean by that? Lose a search engine? I asked where AltaVista is in the poll as it’s missing. AltaVista was in the good old days of the infant Internet the most popular and used engine in the world. Until management screwed up and it lost ground to Google and Yahoo. I still use it pretty frequently due to nostalgia and I always liked it from the beginning

I was joking :slight_smile: As in you where looking for something you misplaced by asking where is Altavista.

Honestly until you mentioned it I didn’t even know they where still around. Doesn’t seem like that long ago when they where the popular choice. I wonder if Google will ever stop being popular. I am guessing something better will come along one of these days, unless Google does it first.

Edit: That is why I put in other as a choice. I know there are other search engines out there that people prefer over the main ones. I use Yahoo mail and My Yahoo as my home page but I didn’t even put there search engine down.

You should have put on the poll

  • google
  • lycos (owned by ask.com)
  • altavista
  • bing/msn search
  • yahoo search
  • ask.com

as these are probably the most used ones. Then put ‘others’ for those who use unknown or much less popular engines :wink:

Good point. I will make another one after this one runs it course. I am curious to see if Google will stay in the lead or if Bing will win. The race is on, (though I am pretty sure I know what one will win out of the two.)

Bing will win? LMAO! don’t make me laugh. Google is the all ruling dictator. Bing upon release got some bad press coverage. I highly doubt people jumped on it in a sec. Google is so much integrated into your daily lives, that even the English dictionary has accepted the word “googling” as being proper English :wink:

Bing’s the thing. They will beat Google… Hmmm, I can’t seem to type that with a straight face lol!

I don’t see Bing making it too far honestly. They did go all out to “introduce” it, but Google is by far the leader these days. Even among Windows users I know they have little trust for Microsoft in general.

I voted “other”. I used to use Google until I ran across Clusty. I like the way it clusters the search results and gives different categories within the search results to choose from. It essentially has the same basic search results as Google.

  • suse amd64x2 wrote, On 07/25/2009 03:36 AM:

> - Scroogle

Cool, didn’t know that one! Perfect for people paranoid about Google (like me)


Ever used Dogpile? I like it a lot. Have been using for a long time. But Google most of the time. If they want to hold my searches for free pr0n than they can. :wink:

Then of course you have Wolfram Alpha but that isn’t really a search engine for the web. It’s pretty cool tho. Type in the name of your home town to try it…

I’ve always liked Metacrawler because it uses results from all the main search engines and you can filter by search engine. I must admit, however, I use Google more than anything just because it’s convenient.

To me nothing seems better than google

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> Question: Which search engine do you use the most?
> - Google
> - Bing
> - Scroogle
> - IxQuick
> - Other (Please Explain)
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> I use Scroogle SSL mostly. Though there are times I fall back to Google
> Linux or Google Image. But over all for general searching I use Scroogle
> SSL.
Google though Bing isn’t half bad.

I use Bing more than I use Google. I don’t really care what search engine is better than another; both google and bing perform on an equal level. In my personal experience, Bing has provided me with more relevant results more often, so its always the first engine I use.

I also ask people not criticize me. I’ve heard all of the usual taunts about “M$ $sucks!!” this and “Linux rokzzz!!!111!!” that, and frankly I’m sick of hearing them. I use bing; if you can’t get over a Linux user using bing, then don’t put it in the poll asking for an “honest opinion”.

cheers! :wink:

I use Google because i’m used to it.:stuck_out_tongue: