What Search Engine Do You Favor?

Hmm, Google, Bing & Wolfram Alpha all get use on my machine.

Lately I had been using Bing as the first-run resource, but yesterday I stumbled upon a Firefox extension that embeds Wolfram Alpha results on the same page as Google results (they are displayed to the right). That has become my first-run option now on my own machine.

> Bing

wow, i’d never used Bing before but i am impressed, look what it found:

“Bill Gates Runs Like A Girl”



I use Knurpht : turn everything upside down, until item searched for (re)appears. :wink:

Well it looks like Google won, no big surprise there. How ever there are a couple of search engines I knew nothing about which I like, though I am still stuck on Scroogle ssl and IXquick ssl.

I like to use Forestle (www.forestle.org). It sometimes yields better results than Google especially f.i. when searching for free domain providers, free webhosting, etc. (Perhaps those referenced by Google do not need to make a high effort.). Besides this Google has a sophisticated content filtering which does however sometimes filter out good results as well. Forestle is a more genuine and straight forward search engine which does as well allow to repeat a search with google by a single click on Znout.