What do you do with openSUSE?

My main usage is as follows:

Web browsing/Internet
Watching Anime
Listening to MP3 FLAC MP4

It’s kind on in rank of % use. I use Linux 100% for the above.

How about you?

This would be my top five activities while using openSUSE.

  1. Firefox in the openSUSE forums.
  2. Amarok MP3 Player (This is running most of the time except when late)
  3. Kwrite working with BASH Scripts (I use kwrite just about all of the time looking at files)
  4. Thunderbird Email (Run a couple of times each day)
  5. Kaffeine watching Movies (Watched two last week, Surrogates with Bruce Willis & an oldie; Bullitt with Steve McQueen).

I also spend a lot of time, installing and reinstalling openSUSE, trying to get that perfect installation. I have several hard drives and keep swapping them around. But this is a more curious activity and not one that promotes openSUSE directly.

Thank You,

Internet with firefox
Music (flac) with amarok
I use openSuSe 100% of the time on my laptop and on my desktop.

Watching Movies with vlc
Playing Music with exaile
Burning cds with brasero
Browse the internet with firefox
Mailing with thunderbird
Using irc with irssi
geany, vim and git for developing.
rednotebook and gtg for making notes and managing tasks
Writing letters and do other office stuff with Openoffice
Gpicview, gthumb for managing and viewing pictures.
sometimes i play a little wesnoth or freeciv

opensuse is the only operating system i need

I should have been more specific with my list I guess

IRC: xchat
Web browsing/Internet: Firefox
Email: Thunderbird
Watching Anime: Smplayer mostly and Kaffine for DVDs
Listening to MP3 FLAC MP4: Audacious and Kaffine

I use the packman repos because without them I would not be able to do most of the multimedia stuff I do.

Anything and everything - OpenSUSE has been a great platform - best Linux distro I’ve used so far…
Surf - google-chrome, firefox
Multi user X11 sessions - serve KDE desktops via NXclient and NXserver (haven’t managed to get remote sound yet)
Photography - digikam, gimp, google picasa, rawtherapee, hugin, Olympus Master (via wine)
Development (some serious, some just playing) - Java, python, C, jboss, android, eclipse, OpenGL, Nvidia CUDA
House renovation design - SweetHome3D
Office - Kmail, okular, Open Office
Music - Amarok
Video - Vlc
GPS - google-earth, QLandkarteGT, digikam
The odd game (wine IL2-1946, wine ModernWarefare2)
File server - samba

• Surfing the Web with Firefox
• Mailing with Thunderbird
• Listening to music with xmms and →madman
• Watching movies and TV serials with →SMPlayer
• The most various tasks with →bash and →zsh
• Making music with →Hydrogen, →Ardour, →RosegardenRenoise, →Bristol and many more
• Watching TV with →tvtime and Kaffeine (analogue / digital)
• Coding Perl with →Kate
• Downloading only the most legal files with →KTorrent
• Fiddling with other operating systems via →VirtualBox
• Enjoying photo albums with →Gwenview
• Playing →Nexuiz and hopefully →Xonotic soon

I use openSUSE 75% of the time, the other two being →Slackware and →FreeBSD. SuSE has always been my main system.

Well, pretty much the basic tasks.

  1. Firefox
  2. Amarok (really nice)
  3. Kwrite
  4. Thunderbird
  5. VLC for movies
  6. Handbrake, also movies
  7. Akregator (RSS)
  8. Milky Tracker (mod collection)
  9. Skype & Kopete
  10. Audacity

Thats pretty my main programs.
I don’t program or paint or do other more creative tasks. Altough i like to do some more graphical arts. Perhaps Gimp too.

I guess I would sum my use by

  1. Internet (Firefox, Chrome)
  2. Office tasks (OpenOffice, Evolution)
  3. Music (Banshee)
  4. Development (Python, Mono)
  5. Testing (VirtualBox)
  6. Other


Email-calendar-contacts - KDE PIM
Contributing to forums; watching forums of professional interest
Registering for professional events
Checking and booking travel
Preparing books/articles/research papers
Maintaining mysql and BibTeX databases
Image creation and manipulation
Creating newsletters
Translating documents including researching appropriate translations of technical terms
Scanning and archiving documents
Listening to music
Maintaining contact with schools/universities
and much more

Besides the everyday internet browsing, emailing, and instant messaging:

-Amarok for iPod transfers
-OpenOffice for student work
-Kontact for scheduling, emailing - all the stuff that one would use in Outlook
-K3b for disc burning

Yeah, just about everything under the sun except gaming. That would be for my Xbox 360 (Yes, Microsoft, I know. But I actually like their console). Anyway, out of all of these applications, I am most impressed with Kontact. Being surrounded by Windows, I see how Outlook works and Kontact has just about every feature. I’ve been wanting to try Fedora, but that’s one of the reasons that’s keeping me from switching over.

Firefox and Thunderbird,
Tellico for my DVD collection
Gwenview for picture files
Avidemux for editing the commercial cr*p out of films recorded from TV, DeVeDe for rendering the file and K3b for writing to disc.
Amarok for music
SMplayer for playing DVD’s
My monitor is also a TV (Samsung Syncmaster T200HD) so no need for PC card and software.
A copy of XP on a separate partition to drive my scanner (I know I know, why don’t I get a different one) and for the wife to
use when she’s making greetings cards - haven’t found any suitable Linux software.

Do a lot of family background research online plus all the other stuff people do with Google. Have several spare hard drives
for trying other distros.

Kontact (KMail, Akregator, KNode, calendar)


Personal finance (Moneydance)
Genealogy (GRAMPS) [still mostly on dead trees]
BOINC (seti@home, einstein@home)
Vinyl -> FLAC (Audacity)


I like gaming in Linux. I’ve found it almost impossible on Windows 7 with all the blue screens with the dreaded “nvlddmkm.sys” errors. I only run native Linux games, currently playing or have played:

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Quake 4
Doom 3
Urban Terror
Assault Cube
Blood Frontier/Red Shift
Alen Arena
Neverwinter Nights
Warzone 2100

That’s a lot isn’t it ? I need to get out more…:\

I do the usual stuff too:

Internet: Firefox
Email: Thunderbird
Music: Amarok
CD Ripping: Audex
ID3 Tagging: EasyTag
Movies: VLC
DVD ripping: dvd::rip
DVD Encoding: Devede
Bash Scripting: Kate

Cool. You actually prefer Linux for gaming? I guess it’s come a long way.

It has come a long way, while Windows appears to be going backwards. Windows 7 has introduced a lot of frustratingly unsolvable graphics problem for gaming and there are many exasperated Windows 7 users having a hard time playing games that worked perfectly on older systems. Many are going back to Vista or XP, if only they tried Linux.

PC gaming…on Windows.

Well, for that you have consoles. Altough i miss PC gaming since there were always modifications to enhance the gaming experience.
Linux gaming is not on par really. But that is my humble opinion. You will not find something like WoW or HL2 on Linux.

yester64 wrote:

> Well, for that you have consoles. Altough i miss PC gaming since there
> were always modifications to enhance the gaming experience.
> Linux gaming is not on par really. But that is my humble opinion. You
> will not find something like WoW or HL2 on Linux.

While I haven’t tried/played WoW, HL2 works near perfectly via wine on
openSUSE (using Steam… again, under wine on openSUSE).

Among usual stuff, I develop RIA in Adobe Flex