What do you do with openSUSE?

Its been some time since I posted on the openSUSE forums. So, here goes :slight_smile:

At Work (just finished upgrading from openSUSE 11.2 to 11.3)
Server Room:
Database - mysql
POP3 - dovecot
SMTP - postfix
Print - cups
HTTPD - apache
Admin - Webmin

Work Stations:
DE - KDE, XFCE (plus all the effects)
Office - OpenOffice, Kontact, Okular
Grapics - GIMP, Blender
Browser - Konqueror, FireFox, Opera
Web Dev - Bluefish
PHP Dev - Kate
And Much More

‘motion’ as the backend, with extras

At Home (also upgraded from openSUSE 11.2 to 11.3
DE - KDE (with all the effects)
Browser - FireFox
FTP - FileZilla
IM - Pidgin
Mail, PIM - Kontact
Office - OpenOffice, KOffice, Okular
Graphics - GIMP, Blender, Inkscape
Printing - cups
Scanning - sane
Web Dev - Bluefish
Coding - Kate
Music - Amarok, Audacious
DVD - Gxine
Terminal - Yakuake
And Much More

Have all the codecs for video and audio.

My whole computing environment is 100% openSUSE… and everything works. A great distro :slight_smile:


In no particular order:

(what should I order my list by? hours spent? cpu cycles wasted? HDD space used?)

  1. Using seamonkey
  2. Writing texts with joe, to be typeset with TeX
  3. Doing my mail with (al)pine
  4. Serving websites with apache2 (+DNS +mailserver)
  5. Collecting HUGE databases of worldwide weather data since 2003
  6. Playing with webcams
  7. Writing bash scripts
  8. Installing it (4 PC’s this week)
  9. Building packages

Indeed I had HL2 and Steam playing under Wine with 11.1 and KDE 3.5. Too bad after 10 minutes I was motion sick. :frowning:

Are you running NWN under Wine as well?

I have a machine that run Mandriva 2007 which I run NWN under Linuix along with Q3A and a old version of Urban Terror.

FlameBait wrote:

> Indeed I had HL2 and Steam playing under Wine with 11.1 and KDE 3.5.
> Too bad after 10 minutes I was motion sick. :frowning:
> Are you running NWN under Wine as well?
> I have a machine that run Mandriva 2007 which I run NWN under Linuix
> along with Q3A and a old version of Urban Terror.

My commercial games:

UT2004 (native port, with the upgrade patch)
HL 1,2 Steam (via wine)
Decent 3 (native port)
Quake 1,2,3,4 (native port)
Doom 1,2,3 (native port)
WorldOfGoo (native port)
Tux Racer (the real one, native port, requires rare patch)
Putt Putt, Freddie Fish, Spy Fox

As you can see… it WAS an interest, but there are so many reasonable free
Linux games out there, that it’s sorta worthless now to pursue spending
money on something that may or may not work with Linux (e.g. wine). My 3d
card for the longest time was a MGA200 based card… :slight_smile:

Walk down memory lane:

My favorite commercial games is still UT2004, runs great, behaves well…
works like the Windows version… very well done port. My least favorite is
id Software since they masqueraded as a Linux friendly company and then
fragged us all. Arguably, UT2004 wasn’t better in that regard as the recent
versions do not work with Linux (beware, buy the blue box)… but they
never really said they were a Linux champion IMHO… not like id did. Doom
3 was such a miserable failure… not sure I really care to play their games
anyhow. HL2 is about 10,000 times better (perhaps even more). Id sunk
their own boat (forgot to enable cheats).

WorldOfGoo is a simple game and unfortunately doesn’t come with more levels.
Some DO have problems running it… but when it runs, it is a great game and
I DO recommend throwing them money. Well done (for a relatively recent

It’s a real shame that the real Tux Racer from SunSpire didn’t fare well…
The graphics are awesome (unlike the free one everyone uses). The
commercial product was a delight to the eye and very professional. Sad this
one has become a collector’s item.

Descent 3 port was very reasonable and playable. Graphics were fantastic
for the time. Again, like most commercial ports, it did NOT fare well…
but it was excellent to play.

Which of course leads to the infamous Loki… which reminds me of the
subprime mortgage crisis which caused much of the USA’s financial crisis.

Tons of flash games work just fine with Linux (if you’re not afraid of

One of my favorite Linux native games is Chromium 3d (aka chromium… and a
big “no thank you” to Google and friends for using the same name). It’s
just a shoot em up scroller, but the graphics are well done. I was a big
Xevious fan when I was a teen (which btw works on Linux if you don’t mind
the legalities of making it run).

I may have to post some videos… But right now, my primary 3d gaming
desktop is still running 11.1 (yes… there are a gazillion reason, the
biggest being the way compiz works with KDE 3.5… so you have your cake and
eat it too with regards to desktop effects and fullscreen 3d gaming). In a
way, I’m not sure I want to destroy it… what’s the point? I like having
my cake and eating it too. Sadly, it’s something that is difficult with the
newer openSUSE and a KDE4 base… but I guess I’ll have to destroy it all
at some point (which will just lead to flame wars, etc… likely).

Amarok - Listening to music
Chrome - Internet browsing
Nexuiz - First Person Shooter when im bored
openoffice - doing school work, homework etc
kaffiene and vlc - watching movies
akregator - rss
virtualbox - testing other linux distros and the BSD’s
ktorrent - obtaining things (legal of course :slight_smile: )
python - for programming

I am using Deluge to obtain my “Linux ISOs”

We use one of the linux boxes as a router to share internet(Using Ip tables).
Internet- Chrome,Firefox
Programming-c,c++,bash and python
Sometimes apache webserver.
Above all I use opensuse as a way to understand the beauty of linux…

NWN runs natively in Linux, alas NWN2 doesn’t as it was produced by Linux unfriendly Atari, but it reportedly works well in Wine and with PlayonLinux.

Used to play quake and warcraft a lot, had to cut down on that cause time is short.
Playing mp3, mkv, testing all kinds of apps in virtualbox, maintaining a couple od mysql databases and remote controlled virtual torrent seedbox.
Drawing in gimp/inkscape if I have some spare time, poking around android debug bridge, etc.

My daily selection of apps : Amarok, Firefox, Gimp, Ksnapshot, Kmix, Konsole, Smplayer, Transmission, Dolphin, Kwrite, Kate, MC, Ark, Wine.

Server side:
Yast !!!

Client side:
OpenOffice.org - Writer+Calc+Base
Opera, Chromium, Firefox
Yast !!!

I think YAST is a big one and I overlooked it.

YAST is a very good tool and I use it 99.9% for configuration.

I almost forgot:

alien arena, open arena, assaultcube - more games I play on openSUSE
kmail - for my email
kate - for editing text files
yast - for configuring my computer

I’m doing nothing with openSUSE at this time, but that is because trying to update to KDE 4.5 borked the system and I haven’t had the time to re-install everything yet.

So your really doing:

True. Kinda sounds like my "R"s of Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting
Restart the application in question
Restart the computer
Reinstall the application
Reinstall Windows
and the best…
Replace windows with Linux! :slight_smile:

These are my main activities in my OpenSuse : :smiley:

  1. Programming (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Bluefish, Java, Netbeans)
  2. Browsing (Firefox)
  3. Playing music (XMMS)
  4. Editting document (OpenOffice Word)
  5. Playing video (VLC)

Making odd install guides for games. Ubuntu is still my love :smiley: