Virtual Box Permissions Question

I have Sun Virtual Box installed and have added vboxusers group to my to my user details but I cannot start VirtualBox from the Desktop menu. I can only start it as su in terminal. Is that how it should be?
I have not installed an actual VM yet but want to make sure I am on right track. Also I would like to be able to start from desktop menu. Have read many threads here but not come across this problem. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

No it should not be like that.

Virtual Box (Sun Version) Install HowTo - openSUSE Forums

I have my virtual machines and config files under /srv/vbox. I run the following commands (wrote actually an alias) to restore permissions for all members of the vboxusers group :
find /srv/vbox -type d -exec chmod 775 “{}” “;” -exec chown “root:vboxusers” “{}” “;”
find /srv/vbox -type f -exec chmod 664 “{}” “;” -exec chown “root:vboxusers” “{}” “;”’**

After doing something similar on your system, you will be able to start VirtualBox and launch any virtual machine as user. Of course don’t do that in a multi-users environment where you don’t want people to share virtual machines with each other!

Once you’ve added yourself to the ‘vboxusers’ group, make sure you logout from that account and then log back in again for it to take effect. Alternatively you could just restart your computer afterward.

That was it. I should have known but it wasn’t in the instructions. Restart did it so now I can proceed. many many thanks for quick reply.