RSS feed of opensuse does not update in firefox

I joint the RSS feed of the forum to the bookmark bar. I have several RSS feeds running but curiously the one of openSUSE won’t update automatically. If I force a manual update it does. Is there any settings I miss or is this a known problem?
Other sites (BBC, RAI, ZDF, and so on and so forth) do update automatically.

Hey stakanov:

I’ve not heard of that problem before, but let me make sure what you are
asking about.

>RSS feed of the forum

Any one forum in particular? Can you give me the URL for the feed?

Kim (7/20/2009 3:04:52 PM Mountain)

Hey Kim.

Sorry the link you posted does not work for me so I cannot check the content.
The RSS feed address I did join to Firefox 3.5 (via the one click method on the orange feed subscription symbol) is the following:
Property dialog gives also:
address of site =

Behavior: does not update automatically, does update manually.

**Firefox version: **
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; it; rv: Gecko/20090714 SUSE/3.5.1-1.1 Firefox/3.5.1

Other feeds present: yes, and all update normally

Hope that helps you somehow.

Ps. Add ons: noscript, foxy-proxy (but the problems presents also with foxyproxy/tor deactivated.

Hey stakanov:

>Hope that helps you somehow.

I’m looking at it in my Firefox and it seems to be updating. I’ll keep an
eye on it. I can’t find any reports of problems with RSS feeds in

Kim (7/21/2009 3:24:45 PM Mountain)

What rss reader are you using in Firefox?

Kim (7/21/2009 3:28:59 PM Mountain)

The one build into Firefox. Did not find a name for it. Substantially the orange square in the header saying: subscribe to this page.
Had Sage before but currently it is not compatible with the last FF version.Besides the build in reader updates and works great…just the Forumfeed does not automatically update.

It is a minor issue. But I would like to know why only this page has a problem with it.

Hey stakanov:

>But I would like to know why only this page has a
>problem with it.

I really can’t answer that. Like I said, the RSS feed is default
functionality out of vBulletin. I was looking at it in various browsers
and it looks like it is making sure you have read what you previously
downloaded and makes you manually download new stuff. Maybe it’s designed
like that as a feature. I really don’t know. Sorry.

Kim (7/22/2009 10:42:38 AM Mountain)