Random system freeze outs = My biggest issue

I am very unsure of the exact source of this issue but its one that has been bugging me.
It seems like once in a while when I have more then 3 windows open at a time in OpenSuse my system goes totally frozen.
Now my main suspect is KDE4, as that is my DE on OpenSuse but it makes me wonder why on Ubuntu with KDE4 I dont have issues like this.
Same memory and space for each one, same amount of swap so its really hard to point out where this issue is coming from.
I am thinking of swapping out for Gnome instead and will probably install it later but if I have more issues I will tell you.
This needs some detective work to be sure though, so far I have only used KDE4 as many have said OpenSuse and KDE4 is better then anything else and KDE4 but I have experienced otherwise.
I will run some tests and will tell you the full list of my specs later on.

You can’t compare KDE’s really won’t be relavent, even the ftp for kde directs you to the suse repos.

Ubuntu just use upstream, Suse develop and post patches and commit upstream. How many developers does Kubuntu have now? Last time I stumbled across it it was a rather miserly one.

help the developers and track it, plenty of pages on wiki in bug tracking for kde. Get it up running with ssh, see if you can ssh in, run top, attach gdb etc etc…

Ubuntu just use upstream, Suse develop and post patches and commit upstream. How many developers does Kubuntu have now? Last time I stumbled across it it was a rather miserly one.

I am not suggesting KDE4 on Ubuntu is better, I am just saying that KDE4 on OpenSuse feels no different (or better) then KDE4 on Ubuntu.
But so far it seems that random freeze outs are more common with KDE4 on OpenSuse then on Ubuntu in my experience, but thats the nature of the beast that is open source, works for one person but doesnt for the other

help the developers and track it, plenty of pages on wiki in bug tracking for kde. Get it up running with ssh, see if you can ssh in, run top, attach gdb etc etc…

Thats what I plan to do after installing Gnome, but what is the easiest way to install gnome?
I dont see a one click installer for it, nor does there seem to be a core package for installing it, on Ubuntu I have the Ubuntu-desktop package and the Gnome package that installs the base gnome packages.
What is the OpenSuse equivalent?

Hmmm… I also get these every once in a while. But most commonly when I’m using firefox.

For Gnome, open Yast Software Management. For the filter choose Patterns. Find Gnome Desktop Environment and Gnome Base System and put checks next to them. Easy as that :wink:

Hope this helps!


Thanks, please note people when I compare OpenSuse to Ubuntu I only do so as its my primary OS.
If I used XP as my primary I would probably compare it with that, though in that case OpenSuse would be a winner :wink:

You sort of missed what I was saying where as Ubuntu is from upstream. Suse isn’t it’s like comparing apples to oranges just not comparable. Beyond both being round and fruit.

More so as it is being developed by Suse so is a moving target. Really don’t care what you compare it to.

But if you want to compare KDE to KDE then they need to come from the same source not 2 different sources. What you see in Suse, Ubuntu will see later just like OO, any distro with any savy will use Suses OO.

Err what?
How can you compare something made by the same source, isnt that what comparison implies, using two different examples of a similar product?
This isnt entirely comparing Apples to Oranges, its more like comparing Coke and Sprite.
Of if we are using fruit comparisons, its like comparing a granny smith apple to a red delicious.

It is not next you’ll be telling me that Suse’s OO is the same as Upstream.

Why does KDE ftp repos point you to Suse then? Don’t see any for any other distro’s its down to the amount of development Suse does.

And you’ve enabled development repos need I say more. Its not the same Ubuntu do very little development for KDE. Which is the big complaint about Ubuntu it takes but doesn’t give back.

Go have a look at the KDE commits.

To clarify so what one do you think Suse uses

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AFAIK they still try and get commits into OO but if they aren’t accepted they’re not bothered, its the users of OO that miss out.

Well I installed Gnome and well have a question.
How do I get compiz working?
I installed all the packages and added compiz to my session in gnome but Compiz wont load, I already got the packages needed for it but Compiz simply wont load.

explained this way too many times to count. Actually, search for compiz in the forums. I’ve counted 9 where I was the last one to comment. Each of those has the basic instructions.

As a matter of fact, there’s a thread called compiz hell right now if you just look at the first page of applications.

Compiz hell ? Need help - openSUSE Forums

Hope this helps :wink:


Well I didnt see the topic initially, but knowing how to install compiz on other distros I thought it was similar here but I guessed wrong…

and it still doesnt work by the way.

Using the one-click install doesn’t work?

Alright. Let’s start off by seeing what packages you have installed.

could you please open a terminal and give me the output of

rpm -qa --last "*compiz*"

Good Luck,


 rpm -qa --last "*compiz*"
compizconfig-settings-manager-0.8.2-3.1       Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:33:39 PM EDT
python-compizconfig-0.8.2-2.1                 Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:33:35 PM EDT
compiz-plugins-extra-0.8.2-1.2                Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:33:30 PM EDT
compiz-plugins-main-0.8.2-9.20                Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:33:15 PM EDT
compiz-gnome-0.8.2-77.2                       Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:33:10 PM EDT
libcompizconfig-0.8.2-7.2                     Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:33:08 PM EDT
compiz-manager-0.0.1_git080201-58.1           Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:33:05 PM EDT
compiz-0.8.2-77.2                             Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:32:58 PM EDT
compiz-branding-SLE-0.8.2-77.2                Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:32:34 PM EDT
compiz-branding-openSUSE-0.8.2-77.2           Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:32:31 PM EDT
compiz-kde4-0.8.2-77.2                        Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:32:30 PM EDT
libcompizconfig-backend-gconf-0.7.8-1.45      Thu 23 Apr 2009 04:21:47 AM EDT
compiz-emerald-0.7.8-2.4                      Thu 23 Apr 2009 03:59:29 AM EDT
compiz-emerald-themes-0.6.0-1.53              Thu 23 Apr 2009 03:58:01 AM EDT

I know Compiz works on my system, I have used it on Ubuntu, Mandriva, Pclinux, Debian without issue…

Right, gotcha. It looks like you have all the necessary packages. So, when you say compiz doesn’t work, what do you mean? As in no effects work at all or you just don’t have title bars or what? And which DE are you trying to use it in?


Yeh no effects work, in KDE and Gnome.
And titlebars are missing in each case.
I even tried emerald but it doesnt do a thing.
I know compiz works on my system though, I dont use a Nvidia or ATI video card just a Intel one.
Yes its not state of the art, but it is able to render kwin effects and compiz just fine.

Here are my specs:
Video card: Intel 915
Memory: 1GB
Mother board: Asus, not sure on the exact number on the MB but I do know its a MB known to work well with Linux
Processor: Intel Pentium 4HT
Monitor: Plug n play HP MX50 monitor, its old but still works
Computer: HP Pavilion a1310y
All work well with Linux/Compiz

Yeah, I have an Intel card too (as shown in my sig) so I know how it is :wink:

Alright. Let’s start from square one then. First uninstall all your compiz related packages. Then use the one click installer here Compiz Fusion - openSUSE for the DE you’d like to use and ONLY one of them for now. We need to make sure it’ll work for one before we go with both.

Then, before trying to enable compiz, open up the CCSM and find the section Effects. Put a check next to Window Management and then click into it. For command, erase compiz-decorator and replace it with

emerlad --replace

Then try enabling compiz as your default window manager.

Good Luck,


Just did all this and… nothing, all my windows are all off center now, no decorations or effects.

Its not like its important that I get compiz working here but I have gotten used to it so when it doesnt work it feels weird.

Hmm… Well I’m all out of ideas. I’m in no way a linux guru. I just know what works for me and several others from painstaking research and trial and error. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you out any further. The ONLY other thing I can think of to change is the backend that you’re using. In the CCSM go to Advanced Preferences and for the Backend make sure that the Flat-file Configuration Backend is used.

Good Luck,


Isn’t there 2 intel drivers about, I believe swapping drivers for some people has helped.

I can’t remember exactly I’m off for the night, perhaps this will help.