No sound with sound blaster creative z via spdif digital output!

Jag has one creative soundblaster z sound card and must use the digital output spdif, which is connected to the lg home theater facility. but don’t get any sound from opensuse!

How do I set up this sound card in opensuse? and what kind of choices should I use in audio settings?
And how i get sound via spdif vid 5.1 dolby like i have in win10? :slight_smile:

Its possible that the kernel in openSUSE-15.1 does not provide the support you need for a Sound Blaster Creative Z … I think 15.1 has the 4.12.14 kernel (?) *, and I have read references that a 4.18 or 4.19 (?) kernel may be needed to obtain better Sound Blaster Creative Z support - albeit I can not say for certain if that the case.

You could provide the URL/address output of running the following diagnostic script in a konsole or xterm as a regular user with PC connected to Internet (and select share/upload option):


We can then look at that and see if anything obvious wrt the configuration is present.

But as noted, its quite possible that sound card requires a newer kernel than what comes with openSUSE-15.1 (again - this is speculation on my part).

Possibly Tumbleweed or one of the openSUSE (non standard) newer kernel’s provides better support (again - my speculation).*

A further reference … here is a link to a thread where an openSUSE-15.0 user upgraded their kernel to 4.18 and managed to get sound working , albeit not the way you intend …

Ok, thanks for all help

I have not had cause to update the kernel in my openSUSE, but likely you can update from the kernel:/HEAD repo… I have read you can try something like:

zypper ar -f kernel-repo

i.e. create a repository of new kernels called “kernel-repo”

zypper dist-upgrade -r kernel-repo

and I think this will install an updated kernel, where the old kernel will still be available to boot from if needed for any reason, but now you should hopefully be able to boot from the new kernel via GRUB.

Note I have not tried this myself … but I think it makes sense. … If you succeed in updating the kernel, you may or may not want to keep that repos in your repos list.