No more image thumbnails in Dolphin


in the past I had Dolphin show Thumbnails for images, such as .png files. Today I notice that they only show as gray boxes in the “Icons” view.

The “Preview” settings seem to be missing a lot of selection options, screenshots from others suggest there should be ones like “JPEG Images”, “Images (GIF, PNG, BMP, …)”.

I read KF5 Dolphin Thumbnail Support Yet? but already have kdegraphics-thumbnailersinstalled.

Would appreciate any ideas. This is on Tumbleweed and I mostly use Sway.

All there for me (see screenshot) , using KDE Plasma on X11 … plus, I have waaaay more Preview choices compared to yours - notice, there’s a scrollbar on right, indicating even more choices. And no special packages installed here for that.

A couple of things to try

Login using KDE with X11. Now try Dolphin, Any change?

If no change, create a new user account (that’s never been used) on the system. Log out of your main user account, then log in using the new user account. Fire up Dolphin. Any difference?