No graphic login after update

HI everyone,
This problem again: after the recent kernel update, I only get the console interface as in the picture attached.

I could still login via the previous version 6.1.6 (I think) but not with 6.1.8
So I upgraded the driver from nivdia gl05 to gl06 since my GTX 1660Ti was listed as compatible. Now both kernel versions give the command interface.
Any help will be welcome.

@techwinder Hi, have a read here, likely the nvidia-open kmp was installed… Latest updates killed my GUI (4th week of Jan'23) - Kernel 6.8.1?

Look like you’re right I was impacted by the bug before, marked the “nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed-kmp-default” as locked and in the last zypper dup this package is still mentioned.

L'élément suivant est verrouillé et ne sera modifié par aucune action :
Rien à faire.

The update went fine with it locked, no issues but even now after updating zypper dup still propose the package as “available”

Can confirm; exact same issue, and removed that package. One reboot later and I’m up on 6.10 running fine.