lost quick launch icons in panel i.e. kinternet, networkmagr

(edited to add that I am using 11.1 kde4 for 64 bits)
I’m not sure what I did to cause some of the icons to disappear in the panel (right side of panel), but I think I double clicked on the area, and that was when I had lost some icons, like kinternet, networkmanager, and I am not sure about the other two, I think one of them was the update notifier. If I go to kmenu, click on Kinternet there to bring up the application, it says “Kinternet is already running. It is the small icon showing a connector in your panel.” So, at the moment, I can’t dial out and am using my other OS.

I found a similar thread here Kinternet not in task bar - openSUSE Forums, but am not sure if the suggestions would be of help, as my problem began when I accidentally double clicked over that area of the panel, and I lost more than just the Kinternet icon. So, I lost three default panel icons and one that I had started when I initiated Kinternet. I also lost the device notifier icon on the left side of panel. I looked over “panel settings” and under widgets, it shows that it is started or running.

Should I do as suggested in the thread, “ctl esc” and kill the processes that I’m pretty sure I lost and restart the computer?

Thanks for your time!

Regards, Orba

You probably just need to add back the sys tray widget. Unlock. Open the panel settings and add widget. Select from List. ADD.

Will do, caf4926.

For reference, I did try the following:

ctrl esc>kill process>kinternet and rebooted. Didn’t work.

I also tried something else I read here on the forums that seemingly helped others. I deleted /home/user/.kde4/share/config/kickerrc - didn’t work.

Now, to try your suggestion.

Thanks for your help!

Well, caf4926, that did it. I will now use the lock widgets feature as I didn’t have this enabled before, so I don’t accidentally remove my widgets and icons in the future

Thanks again!
Regards, Orba

Great -Well done!