I can't log in to Bugzilla. I can't change my password. I can't create a new username

I can’t login to Bugzilla → wrong password
I can’t change my password. → password change is not possible, because the program requires me to change the profile, but it is not working
I can’t create a new username → I only have one e-mail address and the program to confirm the user account is already in use.

I deleted my username and let’s see if it was destroyed.

Better ask here for help before you remove your account or more diastrious actions.

I deleted my username so I could recreate it from scratch. And I did try to ask for help, but I didn’t really understand what I should do to fix it. However, I will wait a few days before trying to create my username again.

I reported your cry for help upstream. Just wait for an adminstrator to post here.

Thank you…

Ultimately, because the forums uses an external identity provider, you need to contact admin (at) opensuse (dot) org for help with this.

@raijar and @hendersj for Bugzilla it’s different… Follow the link “If you experience any difficulties or find any issues, please, report to SUSE Bugzilla Team…” on the main page.

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Ah, yes, thanks for the clarification. I was seeing it as an IdP issue rather than a Bugzilla issue.