How update tumbleweed

Today i did a sudo zypper dup wich worked without error’s. But after a reboot i didn’t get a graphical desktop.

After a snapper rollback i get my system back. Then i update the system with the gui application. And that worked good, and after reboot no problems.

My question is wich is the best method for updates

zypper ref && zypper dup as root is the best practice. Ideally not within the GUI (I use either screen or tmux myself so if the GUI fails at some point during the update, it can finish).

If the update doesn’t work, provide information about your system so folks can help you troubleshoot.

Using the snapshot to recover is a good approach as well - I did that a couple of times before I started using screen or tmux.


If you have AMD graphics and also use the pacman repo you are probably affected by this:

What is “the GUI applocation”? YaST > Software > Software Management?