How to disable KDE4 visual effects through konsole??

Hi, I enabled the visual effects in systemsettings but without updating to the newest drivers for my video card. This caused my screen to go black (all i can see is my mouse pointer). Does anyone know how to get the video output back, a konsole command maybe disabling the effects (im assuming i’ll have to run it in failsafe mode)?? Im new to linux :confused:.

Im running openSUSE 11.0 64bit KDE4. Video card is ATI 2600xt. Thanks for any help

I think its similar to:

Hi compiz-fusion effects problem - openSUSE Forums

How can I disable compiz-fusion, as i can’t see anything but my mouse pointer :eek:

I don’t know of any better way than removing ~/.kde4
What I’d suggest is renaming it instead of removing it. You might have some torrents or something in there that you still want.

I’m not sure about your level so here’s what you should type.

mv ~/.kde4 ~/.kde4-backup