/home is empty when exploring from bootable usb

Step 1: Install tumbleweed on main drive using btrfs

Step 2: Make bootable usb with opensuse (live KDE Leap 15.3 in my case)

Step 3: Boot from usb, explore filesystem on main drive in hopes of copying important data onto usb for backup

Now I can see everything and do as I please in important directories like maindrive/etc, but /home shows empty and so does /opt. No change if I open as superuser. Is this because they’re subvolumes? How can I see their contents?

I have a notion that this is one of those times when I’m missing something obvious; apologies if this is a stupid question but I haven’t seemed to come up with the right search term if it has already been answered.



Mount the top subvolume:

mount -o subvolid=5 /dev/nvme0n1p2 /mnt

Thank you, Karl. I’ll give it a try after work.

Works great, thanks again! How’d you know I had NVMe?

I didn’t know. I showed an example working on my system. I presumed you would figure out what to do with a different setup.

Just kidding; I also verified it on a system where the relevant volume is sda2. Then I made Desktop Actions in the menu entry for gnome-disk-utility*, but I’m thinking I could do better with a dolphin service menu.

*Awesome applet, the one bit of gnome I use with kde because it only has one dependency, doesn’t bring the whole environment with it.