Has anyone else noticed that Vivaldi seems to hate OpenSUSE?

So, my secondary browser tends to bounce around between Edge, Chromium, and Vivaldi. One thing I’ve noticed on MY systems at least, is every time Vivaldi releases a semi-major update, it corrupts my local profile on OpenSUSE. Doesn’t on any other OS. Makes no sense to me, but wanted to know if anyone else uses Vivaldi and if they’ve seen the same thing?

No clue, but being as it’s packaged by vivaldi in their own third-party repository, it would be something to ask them about. There’s basically nothing that anybody involved in openSUSE development or packaging can do, to fix bugs in closed-source software.

Well obviously there’s nothing OpenSUSE could do about it, that’s not what I asked.

I asked if anyone else uses it and seen the same thing or not.

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Not an OpenSUSE issue, but yes, that happens to me too. My solution was to install Vivaldi in an Arch Linux distrobox and export it to TW. Works like a charm.

Not an OpenSUSE issue, but yes, that happens to me too. My solution was to install Vivaldi in an Arch Linux distrobox and export it to TW. Works like a charm.

Fantastic!! Then I know I’m not going insane that it seems to happen. Thanks so much for confirming.

Never had and issue with Vivaldi.

However, and this is just me, what happens when the “profile is corrupt” - I’m unclear what a profile is. Are you referring to the browser’s profile in ~/.config and ~/.cache?

Yes, the local browser profile gets corrupted. Have to delete it and start from scratch again in order to use Vivaldi.

Did you install Vivaldi by following the instructions provided by Vivaldi Technologies™?

  • Did you notice this? –

openSUSE based distros:

sudo zypper --no-gpg-checks --non-interactive install ./vivaldi*.rpm

The preventing of gpg checks is only needed for the initial install, after which Vivaldi will add its public gpg keys and configure an appropriate repository for updates automatically.

Are you aware that, you can raise a Vivaldi Bug Report? <https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/>

And, there’s a Vivaldi Forum: <https://forum.vivaldi.net/>

Apart from that, from what I’m seeing, there’s no need to bitch about commercial software built to execute on Linux platforms.

I install via the repository.

And again, I’m not trying to fix it, I just wanted confirmation from others that I’m not crazy and it does indeed happen.

I’m well aware of there being a bug report and forums for Vivaldi. And good on Vivaldi for having the common sense to NOT require an account to open a bug report. But I have no interest in opening a bug report, I just want confirmation that I’m not the only one it happens to. I have that confirmation from @thelinuxcast, so I’m good.

So, what’s the side effect of a broken profile … is it that the browser doesn’t render properly … as in “there is no content” displayed, or the rendering is goofed up?

There’s always parts missing. Which part changes. One time I would get a frame, with nothing inside. Yesterday I got a frame with my extension buttons, but no address bar, status bar, or actual brower window. One time I got a frame with a window, but no toolbars. Still had a space where they SHOULD have been, but they were gone.

That’s a well-known issue with most all browsers based on Chromium, and Vivaldi is based on Chromium.

Hang tight … let me search for the fix … okay, found it, check this Reply by myswtest:

This corruption happened to me on both my TW machines, with the last massive update. Yes, it affected my Chrome, Brave, and Opera browsers (also all based on Chromium). And it does happen now and then. I simply run the command found at the link above (to find and remove GPUCache subdir) and the browser magically works again.

BTW, this side effect is not just found on openSuse … other users of different distros also report the problem.


Weird, I’ve never seen it on any browser except Vivavldi (I hvae chromium on some and edge on some) and only on OpenSuse.
At any rate, further validation that I’m not insane and seeing things. So thank you for the information!!!

One parting shot … some folks report that disabling the option “Use hardware acceleration when available” in settings, then restart the browser

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