Google Operating System -- New Era in OS... (07-07-2009)

I mentioned this before in this forum some where, that Google is preparing to launch OS… and here it is some how confirmed.

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Ohhh… Sorry for this post.

We could rename the thread to: Google as evil as Ubunto?

Ubunto gets a hair cut, nip, tuck, and nose job; and we call it Chrome. Yes or as others call it: Diet Goobuntoo. Please don’t mistake Diet Goobuntoo for Goobuntoo Classic; which might have been called Goobian Linux in ancient times.

How about opensuGoose (Chrome with YaST) and its commercial partner GooSLED?


If you drop the Su you should drop the SE, so appropriately openGOO. Sounds messy.


You bunch are too much!


Google will be after us if we keep this up. Our wanted posters will show up as torrents on piratebay. But don’t use piratebay to find the torrents… use Google.

Anyway to ruin the fun you guys are having, I think the Subject line is hyperbole. It’s a standard Linux kernel they are running Chrome on, so it’s hardly a new era in OS.

The effect of the product, if it takes off, is to move even further into the connected anywhere anytime model of use. The computer just becomes an information appliance. Your average consumer couldn’t give a stuff if the OS was Linux or *BSD, or if the browser is Chrome or what. Those are just technical considerations that enable the features Google wants the product to have.

Eventually it will make the desktop model as archaic as mainframe computers seem to us today. Sure, mainframes still exist. Desktops will still exist in the future, but they will just be a small proportion of the computer gadgets around us. You phone is a computer, your media player is a computer, your TV is a computer, your car GPS is a computer, etc. etc.

M$ knows all this. Just recently they announced web versions of M$Office to try to catch the wave. Good luck to them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he’s been co-opted by Darthbootu. They have used the dark side of the kernel on him.

Ruin our fun will you!

You can’t have been having much fun if a few drops of reality ruins your picnic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s reality?

If it’s reality you want… Google it!

Oh you know, the guys who sell and rent houses, what are they called, real estate agents? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tooooo… late. Microsoft and Google own half of it and the rest is owned by pharmaceuticals and tobacco companies.

We get to watch Google get 15% of the OS market while Microsoft lands 33% of the online search revenue business. Either way… we still have to deal with the pop-ups, updates, and blue screens.

The meek shall inherit the Earth.

But not its mineral rights.

Take yourself out of the cabin now and then, then you will only have to deal with popup squirrels, colliding skaters and blue skies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure it is safe? There might be a super collider out there which causes a run away singularity which swallows up my blue screen.

You never know.

Definitely check the comet forecast before you go out. There might be one headed this way sometime in the next 75 years.

There better be several around sooner than that or I’ll have to flame NASA and the ESA.

Or… maybe Mark Shuttleworth scared them all away pushing free Ubuntoo cds at them as they passed. Those silly Russians should have just sauced him up on Vodka and told him he was in outer space. He wouldn’t have known the difference if they used the right brand.

I think here’s where you’re wrong :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty sure Spaceman is still flying around in space while thinking he’s already on Earth for some years

I wonder what he’s smoking! I want some too! :stuck_out_tongue: