Google chrome is not working in Wayland after updating

It’s not clear “who” you are asking?

Me? If yes, I use KDE / Plasma, never spent much time with GNOME, except many years ago to see what advantages and features it offered.

My problem is the same. I cannot reset settings in Chrome as the settings page itself displays as mostly blank, similar to above screenshots. I cannot reset to GTK because the page is not displaying anything readable.

@rhussain no issues here with chrome-stable on GNOME with X11 and Nvidia either a T400 or offload on a P4… I manually install the driver here (run file) and have 530.41.03.

You can drag across the whitespace to reveal where the links are for resetting, but it really helps to have another machine running Chrome so you can reference where everything is supposed to be. Also, after you successfully reset, it doesn’t go into effect until you close and reopen Chrome.

Yeah, “b” is a pain every time. But I don’t want three copies of Chrome on my system as a solution, so I put up with it.

Actually, since I switched to dark mode, I’ve been using Firefox almost exclusively, since it respects the dark mode correctly. Chrome ignores it for web pages (only applies it to the window and toolbars), and experimental dark mode in chrome://flags/ is really buggy.

I’ve got the easy one delete the ‘google-chrome’ folder inside /home/.config

but you just have to login back to your account, it basically reset the chrome, I think the problem might come from mismatch graphics driver after updated with the current cached one in chrome.


So I’ve been using the same driver for a couple years and suddenly, from one day to the next, “Chrome detects another driver” (my interpretation).

Chrome syncs profiles among login sources … example, I can fire up Chrome on openSuse desktop, Android phone, or Windows laptop, and profile info is inherited in each unique environment… why would it cache hardware interface info ??

Chrome caches graphics drivers

… what’s the source of this info ??

Sorry for misunderstanding there, more like a shader cache, there’s no source it’s just my basic assumption