Gnome3 configuration

Just installed Gnome3 and wondered if anyone knows how to make the sidebar smaller. It’s huge at the moment

When I last tried Gnome3 there was no way to manually change the side bar which I think is called the dash. If you add more apps to it though it scales and will shrink it’s width. So the only way I know how to change the size is to add more apps to it.

I’ve heard there is something called gnome-tweaks which is supposed to provide some customization like making the Dash auto-hide. I don’t know if it changes this, nor whether it is available for openSUSE at this point.

Ok that’s worth knowing but seems there’s a fair way to go before this is really useable

Yep installed that but it’s pretty basic at the moment

You can go and manually configure the gnome-shell.css (make a backup copy first!!) file to customize, there is gnome-tweak-tool and gnome-shell-extensions. I’m currently working on this to get it acceptable for Factory and general release.

Where is the gnome-shell.css file? And is there documentation on what it uses/looks for?

If you’ve added a theme it would be in ~/.themes/<theme_name>/gnome-shell for the system it’s down in /usr/share/gnome-shell

Using gsettings can configure some items as well.

Customizing the GNOME 3 Shell
GnomeShell/CheatSheet - GNOME Live!

Talk about trial and error. well I edited the gnome-shell.css file and managed to reduce the size of the icons, but haven’t found a way to reduce the side bar size yet

OK some hours on, I still haven’t found a way to configure screensavers. However, if you open alacarte from the terminal and then drag and drop some menu items into system settings - yast2 for example, they appear in the applications menu. Still haven’t found a way to configure themes though.

I’m still working on the updated version of gnome-shell-extensions which includes user-themes, have a look at this thread;
Gnome 3 & 11.4 Known Issues & Workarounds

OK thanks for the work. Gnome3 looks promising but clearly a lot to do yet in terms of configuration options

Ok next question: how do I add workspaces?

Open a program and it does it automatically, hit the super key, mouse to top left hand corner or ctrl+alt+tab to move through them. If extensions are installed you can use alt-tab and also drag them about…

Thanks for that. You know, despite my initial misgivings I’m starting to see how gnome3 could be very good

It’s the change in workflow from gnome 2, sure there are a few bugs but again there are workarounds. You might want to check out the command line utility gsettings for other tweaks.

Also worth a browse through GnomeShell/CheatSheet - GNOME Live!

Well messed up the look of my system installing themes and the like. Can someone post the contents of the default gnome-shell.css that came with the default theme.

Ignore this post, I figured out how to get things back. However, I’m wondering if I can get a dock on the sidebar (dash?) as at the moment I have to use the file manager to view and delete trash

You can force the re-install of gnome-shell (which contains the file)
else open the gnome-shell rpm, right-click and open with file roller
and extract the gnome-shell.css file…

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I feel the way you do :(… however what I sorted was to add Trash to Favorites in Places, as I haven’t seen any trash icon at the momment.



PS: Trash location: $HOME/.local/share/Trash