Download problems

I successfully downloaded OpenSuse 11.2 Gnome Edition.
I have been days trying to get it to work in a triple boot situation using “Easybcd” to handle the booting problems.
So I thought, why not download the DVD version (a 4 hour download). I did this and reached the end of the download which I saved to my HD. I then used “CdBurnerXP” to burn the distro to a DVD. CdBurnerXP then came up with a verify error message. I tried to use the DVD anyhow and it would start loading the Linux Kernal and hang at about 38%. I sure hate to go through this again and have the same thing happen because of the time involved and tying up the computer on the other end.
Some suggestions would be appreciated.

You should check the MD5SUM of your downloaded ISO file before burning. There’s no point burning it to DVD if the image is wrong. Similarly there’s no point booting up with the burnt DVD if it won’t even verify against the original image. Check each step and when that step is working fine you don’t have do that step again next try.

don’t even try to install a less that 100% correct install disk
(garbage in, garbage system)

read in the download help about md5sum checking, and how to get a good
image on windows (some of their file systems want save a correct copy
if over about 4 GB)…see: and
its links on additional info for new folks, like:


Given that you have a very long download time, you might think about purchasing a DVD online. There are several sites that offer this service. Google for “linux DVDs” (without the quote marks).

Download the Live-CD, burn the image to disk, verify it, see if it starts the system.

BTW, there’s a lot of things you can do:
Check MD5sum, it has to be correct.
Do not use RW media
Verify burned media
Burn at lowest speed possible.