Computer shutting down while playing steam games

Hello I’m brand new to OpenSuse. I created a dual-boot systems since there are still applications I use that I can’t use on Linux.

I’ve started playing games on Linux and everything runs well and haven’t had any issues launching any games or steam itself. However while I’m playing games eventually the computer will black screen without warning and shutdown.

The only clue to the issue I have is this line of text that comes up when it black screens:
a stop job is running for user manager for UID 1000

any help or suggestions would be appreciated thank you!

Steam is usually zealous about blocking sleep to such an extent that it becomes a problem, but I do remember reports similar to yours.

This is for some stupid reason I can’t remember, but if you have the mental discipline and are on KDE you can go to Power and Battery in the systray and turn the toggle at the top that says “Manually block sleep and screen locking” on when you are playing a game and turn it back off when you are done.

I think there is a more permanent solution, but I can’t remember anything at the moment.

Oh, now I remember! Are you using a controller? I think Steam blocks sleep because Linux doesn’t count Controller Inputs when deciding if you have gone idle.

According the description of the TO, there is no problem that Steam blocks sleep. The computer crashes instead!


  • It could be a thermal issue. Depended on the make and the temperature of your computer, it may shut down when a certain CPU temperature is reached. Newer system throttle the CPU/GPU… So you should monitor processes/CPU/temperatures while you are playing…
  • Have a look into the journal if there are hints prior shutdown

Whoops. Derp.

@Vanedon Disregard my rambling, I read without thinking.

I am not sure about this. The computer seems to shutdown while playing games. The TO mention even a stop job running. A crash will not start any stop job.

overheating cpu?

I tried turning sleep and hibernate both off and that didn’t help. The computer isn’t sleeping at all either it starts shutting down completely

I’ll try this and see what comes up. I also looked to see if there was an automatic shutdown if I went to a certain temp. The highest temp I usually get to is around 55 deg Celsius on my CPU. I have a thermometer on my computer so I can monitor it in real time. I’ll see if my GPU is overheating TY

This is the log after I just crashed it from playing a game. I’m not sure what is breaking here.

Vanedon, my theory is something I myself once suffered from years ago when playing games. The problem was that the computer would get so hot that the motherboard - for safety’s sake - simply shuts down the computer.

Are you playing a CPU or GPU intensive game? From what you say, your computer just shuts down, i.e. it doesn’t go into hibernation or sleep. It would be interesting to monitor your CPU and GPU usage. We need to know what the CPU and GPU are doing and how hot they are getting. If you had a secondary monitor connected, it would be very easy, because you can use the secondary monitor to display these values via a widget while you play, but I don’t know if you have a second monitor.

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What the OP originally said was:

The only clue to the issue I have is this line of text that comes up when it black screens:
a stop job is running for user manager for UID 1000

That is not an indication of a BIOS forced thermal shutdown. That is an attempted logout or shutdown. His log shows Snapper starting a job and within a second, Steam starts to throw errors. I block Snapper, so I have no experience with it whatsoever.

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I thought there was a tool to check what apps were running what commands, right?

Could it be OOM and something critical being taken out? How much physical RAM exists, and what games specifically cause the shutdown?

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could you show us what programs you have installed since you first started using your system?

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Hey guys so I’ve been trying to find the issue today since I had time off. I actually installed steam on my windows 10 boot and I had the same problem there when I tried playing the same games. I started looking at my hardware and stress tested my CPU, GPU and my GPU and CPU together but the computer never shut off. next thing I checked was my BIOS and went to see if there was an updated version and there was and I have installed that. I’ve tried running and playing games on both Windows and Linux now and atm it is working fine but I’m not 100% sure as I’ve had it shutdown after more than an hour in.

I will update on anything else probably by tomorrow and answer any questions about my current build and software. Thank you

I have 32 GB of RAM in this computer and as far as I can tell its all games I’m running it will eventually happen and the amount of time it takes to shutdown every time varies even if its the same game. There have been times where its within the first 5 minutes and others when its in an hour playing.

These are the games I’ve tried playing while it has shutdown.

  • My Friendly Neighborhood
  • Multiversus
  • The Quarry
  • Amnesia The Bunker
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint

I recently did a clean install to try to fix it before I went on this forum so at the moment the only thing I have reinstalled is Steam, Blender, Lutris, and FreeCAD.

This is my hardware and OS version

I was monitoring my GPU and CPU on windows while doing a stress test and I didn’t see them doing anything different than usual. My CPU idles at around 40 deg C and I dont remember the GPU but I think it was around the same. While I was doing a stress test they did not crash at all which I was expecting since I’m sure this is a hardware issue if you refer to my other reply.

I don’t know what a good stress test program would be to run on Linux so I haven’t ran anything yet but I plan to after working. I do not have a second monitor but fortunately I have a thermometer sensor on my CPU block that I can change which values it shows while it is running programs.