Computer shutting down while playing steam games

@Vanedon blender-benchmark-cli will give an indication for both cpu and gpu…


It is very interesting the detail that purevw comments, but there are motherboards (it is very common in laptops or AIO equipment) that in cases of thermal protection, launch a “shutdown” interruption when approaching certain temperatures. It is configurable.

But Vanedon, the stress tests should be done on the operating system itself, not on Windows, because Steam games are generally emulated or use Proton, which usually involves more CPU, as well as changing the libraries that are used. malcomlewis suggested you to use blender to test your system, and it is a good suggestion.

I assume that if you leave the computer untouched for more than 15 minutes (without doing anything) the computer will not shut down. On that basis, we can rule out that the problem is related to the fact that you have Tumbleweed programmed to shut down after a certain time and we can focus on what applications it happens to you: Games, that is, those that require more CPU / GPU and therefore heat up the computer more. That’s why I insist on the temperature issue. When we can rule out that this is the problem, we can move on to other possibilities.

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I tried using blender benchmark and I did use it for my CPU but I couldn’t use it for my GPU since I couldn’t get it to recognize it.

I ended up also running Unigine Superposition on Phoronix as a stress test and let it run for 20 minutes on 4k and fullscreen and I didn’t crash and I was able to get results on my temps

@Vanedon well you need to install AMD Pro stuff for that to be seen and used…

To test GPU, install glmark2:

sudo zypper in glmark2

Then run it. If it can’t finish and the computer shuts down, you have found your culprit.

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It ran all the way through

Good, at least you can rule out GPU for the moment. Next thing to look at is the ram. You should run a memtest next and check for bad modules.

To me it seems odd that the RAM is causing a soft shutdown, since I find it more plausible that it would crash the system.

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