Clicking on "Preview Post" deletes what I've written.

Palemoon, Leap 15.4.

Any way pls to fix it ?

It does not here. And I always preview my posts, mostly even several times before sending them off (and they still have typos :frowning: ).

But I also do not know what Palemoon is. Has it anything to do with this?

I’ve been using browser to post here for a long time and it has never happened before.

So it is a browser. And I assume you tested this with other browsers before falling back to the forum? What is happening with e.g. Firefox?

Dependend if you used their installer or build it yourself, you should ask at their communication channels or create a bug report.

I don’t know if there have been any recent changes to the forum software, you’d have to wait for an admin on that one.

Any recent updates to Palemoon, are you able to revert to a prior version to test?

It happens with Firefox too.

their installer

I don’t know but it happens with firefox too.

it does not happen always. It did not happen with previous post.

FWIW I’m a long time user of Firefox, currently V105.0.3. I almost always preview a post before submitting and I’ve not experienced the problem myself.

There is at least one issue with authentication experienced with Chromium on Linux. If this site suddenly decides to re-authenticate user in the middle of composing message, it redirects to forums start page, not to previous form so whatever I wrote is lost.

there were no redirection

looks like it’s caused by this char:


And how do you insert this “char” in the forum editor?

Copy / Paste from


Honestly, i have never seen an arrow pointing to the upper right in any of my journals…

When you did this correct, it is U+1F855: NORTH EAST SANS_SERIF ARROW.

It looks similar (but is not the same) as U+2197: NORTH EAST ARROW: :arrow_upper_right:
I have no idea though why that would be in a journalctl listing.

I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean. I’ve only made Copy / Paste without any editing.