Choosing a VPN for OpenSUSE


I’ve used ProtonVPN in the past and before that I’ve used NordVPN. After reading this thread and contacting proton support, I’ve realized that I will not be able to use ProtonVPN to its full extent (I can still use it through OpenVPN or WireGuard) on OpenSUSE so I’m looking for an alternative. The obvious choice is NordVPN because I’ve used it in the past and as far as I can tell it can be used on OpenSUSE.

I’ve explored some reddit threads looking for recommandations and I’ve realised that maybe NordVPN is not the best option and PIA or CyberGhost may be better.

I’m looking for a VPN with proven no logs policy and support for OpenSUSE and Android. I’m also considering Mullvad VPN and I’m open to suggestions. How did you chose your VPN provider and would you recommend it?

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I’ve been using PIA for years, as years ago it was recommended. With a change of ownership some people no longer recommend it due to the company that now owns it, however I haven’t noticed any changes to their no logs policy and it’s been working great on Tumbleweed using their installer. It always starts at boot (I use KDE Plasma) and I’m happy with it.


I’m using Mullvad for a few years now, and it’s ok. OpenVPN and Wireguard configurations only, as I couldn’t make their client work (in Tumbleweed). I would prefer to use native client instead, so I also looked for other options, but haven’t found any. Maybe I’ll try IVPN (it also has snap as an option), though it’s more expensive than Mullvad or Proton

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PIA looks great, I like that they claim to be 100% open source. I’ve contacted their support team and they said that they don’t support OpenSUSE. This means that I can install the software as you did and run it, but if I run into an issue, they will not help me.

IVPN has open source clients, I don’t know what they are doing on the server side. I’ve also contacted their support team and I’m waiting for their answer.

Wouldn’t installing the rpm package or compiling from source be better than using snap?

I have not shopped around in a long time, but I use AirVPN which also offers a GNU/Linux GUI called Eddie. I have used it for years over several distros and it has never let me down. I highly recommend.

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I’ve been using IVPN on Tumbleweed for about 6 months, and it has been a flawless and excellent experience. I just download their rpm and the app itself will notify you when an update is found.

I used to use Mullvad but connections weren’t always reliable and I could never get it working right on openSUSE, so I switched to IVPN.

The privacy tools website only lists IVPN, ProtonVPN, and Mullvad as the top three VPN’s for privacy, so they’re all good choices.

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I’ve looked at all suggested options, but I think I’ll chose IVPN. Their website helped alot into taking this decision.

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I use purevpn on openSUSE but I think any vpn will run on openSUSE as well as any other distro.   Purevpn has many countries and many uptodate features and is comparable with all the other vpns.  purevpn claims no logs. 

BUT, purevpn allows you to pay by target gift card which you can buy using untraceable cash at target.  Using a burner temporary email for the account creation process and paying by anonymous giftcard does not leave anything traceable in any logs purevpn may have.

Only thing downside, purevpn takes all money on the giftcard.  So make the giftcard close to the amount you are paying because it will all be gone

tom kosvic

I tried IVPN (from snap store) on Tumbleweed, and it works well. But I still don’t know if I’m going to switch from Mullvad as IVPN has fewer servers (countries)

Tried Mullvad VPN. Works as a charm. App downloaded from their website, installed with one click on latest thumbleweed desktop, works fine. I’ve tried many services surfshark: complicated to install, mozilla vpn: too slow. Thanks for advice on this chat.

PIA is now supported in openSUSE. I worked with them some months back to fix a break after an update (the libnsl1 is needed to run the GUI with both openVPN and Wireguard). Works flawlessly and said package is installed automatically now if it’s missing.

You can always connect manually with openVPN if you have issues with the GUI, but on Tumbleweed you’re good to go.

You can get a cheap VM and install Outline VPN. This is what I’m using for years without a problem.