Can't add repos

I copy paste a url from links on Package repositories - openSUSE Wiki into Yast and then it just okays out when I click accept and does nothing and the new repo does not show in the list. I get no error

Previously I got this error starting Yast 2 up after previously trying to add this repo which also failed:

An error occurred during repository initialization. Error refreshing service service_7 ( File ‘./repo/repoindex.xml’ not found on medium ‘

As I said this repository never showed in the list.

This happened two or three times but I was able to add “all of packman” before all this started happening.

Sorry I don’t remember how to put the error in the box here on this page anymore. Somebody want to remind me?

See bugzilla. You need to add the repo via zypper instead of YaST until it is fixed

Your repos that you added in this way show up under “Services”. See upper right corner in repo management and chose “Services” in dropddown menu to remove them…


You can use the button to the right of </> (the ‘preformatted text’ button) that looks like a little picture, or you can copy/paste the image directly in.

To put this screenshot in, I used the GNOME screenshot utility, which puts the image in the copy buffer, and then I just pasted it.

I can confirm this issue and also that the workaround, using zypper ar, is working in the meantime.

Hi, zypper --helpRepository Management: -> addrepo, ar Add a new repository.
So repositories that have been added previously, by using yast software repositories are not affected in any way I beliieve?

What does “All Services” specifically mean?

Thanks. I think I’m good to go.

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This issue has now been corrected.

No. It doesn’t work. At least not here.

Looking at the bug report, the issue has been corrected – almost.

The correction has not yet made it into Tumbleweed. So wait a few days and then try again.

I’m in 15.5 but sounds good.

Sorry for not being more clear with post 6. The fix was added to Factory yesterday and is included in the next Tumbleweed snapshot (19012024) due to be published any time now. It should reach Leap in the next few days.

Hey, no problem. I figured you meant something like that. Sorry if I sounded unfriendly

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