Cannot Boot after updates. TUMBLEWEED

Hi thanks for helping. I performed updates, and rebooted. I am met with the following errors:

I can boot to recovery, and all drives seem mounted and OK.
Please help this new user.

It looks like your device at /dev/sdg is failing. I/O errors are usually a strong indication that the drive is either failing or has failed.

The chances are that that’s not your boot device, so if you disconnect it from the system, you may be able to complete booting.

It also looks like it may be completing, because the “Welcome to openSUSE Tumbleweed” at the bottom of the screen is the login banner for text mode.

So it may be that you’ve run into a known issue with the nVidia drivers - do you have an nVidia card (and if so, which one)?

I looked at parted and the sdg drive does not show. I how do I remove the drive from the boot process?
I do not have special drivers, i use the free drivers. my card is a nvidia 1050ti.

how to tell which is sdg?

Parted - Album on Imgur

You may need to blacklist the nVidia drivers to ensure they’re not installed. If you run rpm -qa | grep -i nvidia what do you see as a result?

With regards to identifying /dev/sdg - it may not be showing up because it’s not working. Looking at the album link you posted, it doesn’t seem to be in the list. If you have the system up and running, are there any mount points that seem to be missing anything?

Does the machine have an SD card reader, CF card reader, or similar device in it? (I have one system that has those types of devices, and they’re recognized as storage devices around and including sdg).

Journal holds plenty of information about the boot process. To my experience new users are reluctant to presenting this information. You may consider running journalctl -b -g sdg and post the output here.

Thanks guys. Here is what I have so far:
new image of fresh boot

output of video driver:

Kilbert@2606-9400-8f9f-fb1f-6a4a-1367-4cf0-f927:~> rpm -qa | grep -i nvidia

output of journalctl: ( i posted on pastebin as post limit was reached too many lines)

Heres the thing- the error of sdg- is not a drive . I do not know what the optix driver is. I only have a wireless usb keyboard and mouse connected - that both work. I am really lost here.

thanks all!

If you did not install the open Nvidia driver nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed-kmp-default by intention, you need to remove it to be able to boot again. See this thread:

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Thank you. I will try this- it makes complete sense. I noticed the otptix drive that is throwing i/o errors points to my video card. I did receive some warnings about the snapshot upgrade, I chiose to switch vendors (i guess it was wrong). I am going to run the command

sudo zypper remove nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed-kmp-default

as recommended. thanks.

Thanks hui!
I am back. after reboot all seems perfect!
Thanks to everyone for their time. I really appreciate it!

Now you need only to lock/blacklist nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed-kmp-default so that it doesn’t get pulled in again…

Thanks- how do i do that? - sorry I didnt see that in the other thread
is it as simple as

blacklist nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed-kmp-default

It is zypper addlock nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed-kmp-default

Or if you are using the yast2-software GUI: search for the package and right-click and choose ‘taboo - never install’

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awesome. Thanks!

zypper addlock nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed-kmp-default
Specified lock has been successfully added.