Best reasons to use OpenSuse?

Well I am making my yearly round through the various major Linux distros and coming across OpenSuse for the first time in a few years. Last time I tried it was a few years ago and it wouldn’t even get close to installing.

That being said I’m looking forward to giving it another shot. My question to the community is this:

What do you find in OpenSuse that has you loving it? What features etc… can I expect to be improved over other distros, etc…?

Looking forward to see what everyone says. Thanks!

For me.
It just works

This might help you post install


  • A good team of people working on the project;
  • good support, including the support via this forum;
  • KDE seems to be well integrated into the system, with other desktop available (I usually install KDE, Gnome, XFCE, LXDE);
  • Yast;
  • It has one of the best installers, at least among the distros that I have tried.

So I’m typing this from my new OpenSuse install. And the main thing I’ve noticed so far (aside from Yast2 awesomeness) is that when I chose for it to download and apply updates during install it actually did so. A few distros I’ve used in the past give the option but then they don’t perform the task. So it was refreshing to see it go through. The installer was amazing though I will agree with that.


I have been trying to compose an answer to your original question in my mind for hours, tonight, because there are so many things to list in the answer, from my perspective. It was going to be a real chore to write it all out, and it might have turned into a novelette.:\

Glad I don’t have to. You can discover the wonders of openSUSE yourself, now.

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

You remind me of the audience at the Ravi Shankar concert in 1970 with George Harrison, when after tuning up, the audience clapped.

On 2014-04-09, jbaerbock <> wrote:
> What do you find in OpenSuse that has you loving it? What features
> etc… can I expect to be improved over other distros, etc…?

  1. YaST
  2. DE ambivalence.
  3. OBS.
  4. Evergreen
  5. Tumbleweed.

Lol that’s pretty dang awesome!

Oh I was always planning on trying it out myself. I was just curious to see other people’s thoughts. Then I could keep an eye out for those things myself.

The main thing I love so far is how snappy they’ve been able to make KDE run. I’ve had such speed issues in KDE with Mint, Kubuntu, Sabayon, etc…

And I have a dual core 3ghz processor w/ 8GB high speed ram and a new MB to organize it all…so it really should have made a difference in KDE performance with those distros compared to my old hardware.

To be fair, KDE can be a bit of a hog; just turn all of the effects ‘up to 11’ and most sensible hardware (without obscure drivers, that can be problematic and are almost certainly not part of the default install) can need a little thinking time to get things done.

That said, and as has already been mentioned, openSUSE isn’t one of the ‘only one GUI supplied’ distros, so you’ve got the chance to make your acquaintance with other GUIs, if that’s the way you want to go. Or, to keep the effects in reasonable measure. Or, use obscure drivers. Or, put up with the extra time to ‘admire’ the effects.

I like having the choices, even if I only end up taking one of them; I think that it should be my decision, not something that gets imposed on me.

The best reason for using openSUSE is that it does what you want without causing you grief. That has always been the reason why I have used particular software since I started using computers in 1980.


Sounds like I wrote that, because it is all accurate for me, including the 1980 part! (or, was that November 1979? I’m not sure, now.)

And that’s what I’m looking to get our of my Linux OS, so I’m glad to hear it :-). Honestly it’s been such a smooth ride during setup that I’m still waiting for the other foot to drop lol. And I was born in 85, so can’t say I started using them then :D.

I comfortably support this list of advantages, in no particular order, and would just add a little extra comment:

  • YaST - both installer (4.5/5 stars) and management tools
  • DE’s - selection during/after installation. The KDE integration is a stand-out feature.
  • OBS - both stable and unstable packages presented - we get to make the choice.
  • Tumbleweed - for a rolling version, and/or the Factory once ongoing improvements are completed.
  • Factory Milestones - general availabllity to encourage early pre-release testing by users.

The infrastructure provided from (including the Forum), along with some very smart people in the development project, deserve to be highlighted as vital factors in the distro’s well-being.

Whiteout any special argument on top:

-Gives me what I want, not to many hickups
-The ability to use Redhat packages whiteout(if any) to many changes
-Implementation of KDE, Good looking and functional and the rest of the desktops already there to install (Gnome, LXDE etc…) if so liked.
-Good forum and people are interested to help in the serious parts of it. Also as in this part of the forum that you are allowed to “pull a leg”.

Of course there is some downs as well. Like in all other OS (not only Linux).

1980? I was still in ground school and the computers we had was Swedish ABC80 computers with a s-l-o-w tape read/write. 1985 I was preparing to do military service (uack!). 1989 came the change for me.

Dont worry, people like you(age) are suppose to take over from us older people and give us a nice trip to retirement :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL the way things are going you might get a decent retirement but I’m doubtful my generation will.

When I was to check out any new comments in Chit-Chat:

"We have received several inquiries regarding our site’s susceptibility to the recently discovered OpenSSL vulnerability.

For the vast majority NetIQ, Novell, and SUSE customer facing sites, we use an ADC to terminate SSL connections. This appliance uses a hardware based cryptography module that does not use OpenSSL. In addition, the vast majority of our internal servers run SUSE Linux Enterprise, which does not use any affected versions of OpenSSL. To be safe, we have tested a number of our sites since the beginning of the week, using the heartbleed script and through the excellent SSL Labs service ( These tests have not revealed any problems with our SSL implementation.


The Attachmate Group IS&T"

Good!lol! Another reason to chose this dist.

Heh yeah saw that as well. Good job to them :stuck_out_tongue:

A Linux distro which works out-of-the-box, which cares GUI since the very GRUB screen, with a great professional support network behind, a nice community where techies outnumber noobs like me, with KDE perfectly integrated, excellent repositories, such a powerful tool as YaST… My question is not the best reasons to use openSUSE, my question is what the f**k took me so long to choose it (pardon my French).