Audio output / speakers of my ASUS laptop still not working with Leap 15.5

Several months ago, I had a post concerning issues with the audio system on my laptop ( ASUS Laptop sound by harman kardon has no sound). Recently, I upgraded to Leap 15.5. I was hoping that the audio issue might be resolved in the new release. Unfortunately, the speakers remain silent. The speakers work fine when I boot Windows on the same laptop, so the hardware is not broken. Does anybody have a clue, when the linux driver support will be extended to ASUS laptops with Harman Kardon sound system? Is anybody working on this issue or at least aware of the problem?

Possibly related to this bug:

It might be worth trying to install a newer kernel:

then reboot, and test your audio again.

You can also choose to boot the older kernel (advanced options) from the grub menu if this doesn’t help, and remove it again.

You seem to have tried booting with a live USB but didn’t get it to work. I also see that you have tested another kernel. I would think that it is a kernel problem and you have to patch the kernel yourself to solve this. At least for now.

No one seem to have made it to work according to linux hardware [1]. But also this thread and especially this post can provide some guidance [2]. Some one got it to work with a custom ACPI image.

[1] Intel Alder Lake PCH-P High Definition Audio Controller

PS. A good thing is to probe your own computer and post the link. It always helps during troubleshooting.
PPS. zypper in hw-probe and hw-probe -all -upload as root/sudo

Eventually, I managed to boot from a live USB. As described in the older post (see above), this solved an issue with an unsupported display device, but did not help with the audio system. The internal speakers remained silent. I also probed my own computer and posted the link (see my post from Feb. 23rd). Unfortunately, there was no response to this effort, so I don’t feel much motivation to repeat it.
The steps described in the ubuntu post look difficult to me. I would rather prefer to get a solution via regular software upgrade than having to play around with DSDT recompiling and potentially ending up with a broken system.