After an update - ‘Press any key to enter mok management‘ during the restart.

Had to Installed some updates, and I had to restart for updates to be completed(a kernel update I think)
Hit the restart switch on the pop up, and it went to restart mode.
After the machines splash screen, there came a blue screen saying to:
’hit any key to enter MOK management’
I did that, and got a small menu with some options, one of them being ‘Continue Boot’ which I selected and Leap started.

Is ‘MOK’ part of the machine firmware code, or is it related to Grub?
I think it has something to do with secure boot, but not sure.

Yes, it’s to enroll the new certificate and secure boot related. Normally I select enroll the key (not continue) and password is the root user password…

I’ll just add to what Malcom said.

“MOK” stands for “Machine Owner Key”.
When booting was installed, usually to “/boot/efi/EFI/opensuse”, the file “MokManager.efi” is installed there. And that’s what handles adding keys.

This is the first time that occurred.
Will it do this again soon?
And do I need to do something now to add the key?
It boots into grub2 with no apparent problem now.

If all appears to be working, then it should be okay.

If you want to list the keys that it knows about, you can use

mokutil -l

It should have the keys in “/etc/uefi/certs” plus any key that you have manually added.