After 1.27GB update youtube videos thumbnails does not show

I just update 1.27GB updates. After that my browser is not working properly. Youtube videos thumbnails does not show just a gray box. When hover over the mouse then video display. Is anybody facing this issue.
My Graphic Card is MSI RX 6700XT. I am using Gnome desktop. Please see the attached screenshot.

Thanks in advance

Yea, after this massive update, all my Chrome based browsers are broken too.

Here’s the fix (see myswtest Reply):


This used to happen to me after every Mesa update. The solution was to delete the .rpm-based Chrome (and its associated repo) and use flatpak instead. Since then my Chrome has been 100% rock stable.

My desktops have AMD Radeon RX for graphics - all affected.

The laptops use Mesa Intel UHD Graphics … sometimes affected.

For me, the common theme appears to be when libllvm1 is updated.

As per your instruction it works. I have to delete the files though.

Initially, I was concerned that deleting the GPUCache folders might not work, or would have some other side effects, so I renamed them. But after some testing, all worked fine

So now, I simply run the “find with rm” command … so yea, I delete them now.