32-Bit Tumbleweed

The site page shows a chart and I am uncertain as to what to make of the chart (at least the top portion field). Looking more deeply at this page it shows that parts can still be found if one has the parent part number I think.


@panorain it’s all the parts used to build that computer… what does it show for the cpu.

I just cannot seem to see anything related to cpu on the page. If I go to the page behind it (General Product Family). Going back to serial number the site matches the one here. When go to product number it not the same product number as the one here. Why can this be?


Shows Intel® Core™2 Duo T5600 CPU (T7200 in other specs).
It is Merom:

And socket M:

T2400 is a Yonah and uses Socket M.

Open case and look at socket & its exact name.

Possibly you can use Core 2 Duo T7600/T7600G.

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