32-Bit Tumbleweed

I am trying to get Tumbleweed installed on a 32-bit box.

I downloaded both the “offline” and “network” iso images from the Swedish (.se) mirror.

Using the offline dvd, I try to install. I answered “yes” to online repositories. When the install got underway, it fails to access any online repo.

One is http://download.opensuse.org/ports/i586/tumbleweed/repo/oss/noarch/ImageMagick

If I get my iso from a different place, will it use different online repos?

Tried another install by refusing the online repos. That yielded a desktop that I have never seen before (despite me requesting KDE) PLUS the keyboard map had completly changed from my selection (Finnish) to something very different. Possibly US?

Anybody know what is going on? I am stuck and at a complete loss.

Cheers - A

You didn’t tell where you got your ISO from. Additionally , did you verify the checksum after download and burning/dumping?
The URL which you cite is indeed no proper URL as it seems you cut some part…

And did you read the README.FIRST in the download directory?

Hello Hui,

I got the iso by choosing the site ending in .se from the list I got from the openSUSE Tumbleweed - Get openSUSE page, download tab, pick mirr [ftp.lysator.liu.se](http://ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/opensuse/ports/i586/tumbleweed/iso/openSUSE-Tumbleweed-LegacyX86-DVD-isor.

What to read on the “readme” page. Should I use that image instead?

The URL I pposted is incomplete. They are all the same until “noarch/…”

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Where you have “Abmelden”, I have a drop-down “view all notifications”

See where the mouse pointer is? You need to click first the “Profile” icon…

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Ah! OK. Got it now. Thanks

Downloaded the “latest” install DVD from the http://download.opensuse.org/ports/i586/tumbleweed/iso/ directory.

Exactly the same results. This time, the first failure was trying to access some Adobe files.

Despite the error message, the host, download.opensuse.org, responds to pings both on an IPV4 address and an IPV6 address.

So. What to do? Give up on opensuse Tumbleweed? Download other iso files and try my luck? Just keep trying with what I have?

I suppose so.

"These ISO files are published automatically once a new snapshot finished.
They haven’t seen any kind of testing before publishing, so download on your
own risk and cost.

Most of the time they work, but there are times when they are broken."

This is the standard of opensuse now? My experience has been that they are always broken. Oh well…

As nobody from the last few 32bit machine owners is willing to contribute to any software development, this is the actual state. If you want to make the situation better, join the QA or development team. 32bit is phased out and dead…

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Those, who spend their time maintaining openSUSE distribution (including setting up automated testing and fixing issues) are not interested in 32 bit version. So 32 bit Tumbleweed is not “official” openSUSE image. If you desperately need it, you have options to step up as maintainer or find someone who will do it for you.

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And as clearly can be seen at your failure description, it is no problem of the installer or the ISO or 32 bit at all. According your failure description, you get download errors when accessing online repos. That means either your connection is flaky or you are redirected to a bad mirror at your location. You need to find a mirror near your location which hosts the 32 bit repos and exchange the repo URLs in YaST software…

arvidjaar. Absolutely appreciate what you say. If I had the ressources, I would step up. Sadly, I do not.

Hui. My connection is not “flakey”, far from it. The files that the install is trying to get obviously do not exist at the location(s) it is trying to get them from.

I have been a SuSE user for many years. I still have a box-set of release 5.3.

My point really is about offering something to the public when it is known to be not viable. Why do that?

As experienced user you should know how to deal with not properly synced mirrors…

A not properly synced mirror is not connected or related in any way to the quality of the distribution. It is a basic problem which often hits mirrors across all distributions…thats a basic bandwith/sync/server maintenance problem…
openSUSE does not host the servers…

Such basics should be clear for someone who uses linux for at least 25 years…

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@antttikutoja because there were some users whom asked for it, so openSUSE provides it on the basis of being untested… End users have been asked numerous times to step up and help contribute. As always Tumbleweed users are encouraged to follow the Factory Mailing list where this issues are discussed… https://lists.opensuse.org/archives/list/factory@lists.opensuse.org/

If I follow the ImageMagick link in the first post


I get:

The requested URL is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address. If you followed a link from a foreign page, please contact the author of this page.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
Error 404

So apparently the 32bit stuff is dead. You could manually untick all dead software during your install process, but if many things are broken, this might not be a viable solution…

You need to look at the mirrorlist link (click on date/time to the right)

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A “wise penguin” should be able to see that the TO cut the link. So you can’t simply open it in the browser. Malcolm showed that the packaage exists by posting the uncut link…


As already pointed out, chosing a dedicated mirror instead of the balancer from download.opensuse.org/ will most likely solve the problem. Simply install offline and exchange afterwards the URLs in YaST software to a decdicated mirror…



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