Zypper 'The following application is going to be REMOVED' messages

Every time I run a installation command I get the following message:

The following application is going to be REMOVED:
  "Search and Indexing"

This is apart from whatever packages I am installing at the time.

I guess something is stuck as the search and indexing is never uninstalled, the rest of the operations succeed.

Nothing is stuck, and nothing is actually intended to be uninstalled.

This is a bug in zypper’s appdata handling, actually it exists since zypper supports appdata (type “application”),

In your case, the package that provides the application “Search and Indexing” (tracker I think) is going to be updated, but zypper doesn’t see the new package providing the application “Search and Indexing”, so it tells you that it is going to be removed.

In earlier versions that happened with applications themselves (e.g. Firefox, Thunderbird), a recent fix for that seems to cause the same with plugins/extensions to other applications now.

Note that it doesn’t mention any packages that are going to be removed, only that application.

In the end, you can just ignore it though.

See also https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/512717-Zypper-the-following-application-is-going-to-be-REMOVED-quot-Search-and-Indexing-quot

Thank you, sorry for the duplicate post.