Zypper Refresh Command Error

First things first: I am fairly new to Linux. Some concepts may be a bit over my head since I was spoon-fed by Windows since I was a child. But I have looked extensively for a solution to this problem, and I can’t seem to find one.

I just installed openSUSE 11.2, updated, then got the latest version of Firefox. I then proceeded to install the community repositories. There were some errors while this was going on, but I saw that some of the repositories had things like KDE in the name (I’m using GNOME) so I figured they simply couldn’t be used on my computer.

Now Zypper is giving me errors. I’ve tried zypper clean, and zypper refresh. When I refresh I always get an error message at the same repository

Repository 'Updates for openSUSE 11.2-0' is up to date.
Retrieving repository 'openSUSE 11.2' metadata \]
Download (curl) error for 'http://download/.opensuse.org/repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.2/repodata/repomd.xml':
Error code: Connection failed
Error message: Couldn't resolve host 'download'

Reproduced with one repo before the error. It then asks if I want to abort, retry, or ignore. No matter how many times I hit retry nothing happens. However, after hitting abort God knows how many times it finally says it skips the repo and moves to the next one.

I apologize for my ignorance in advance, and any help would be most appreciated.

Somehow the URL for that repo got corrupted or was entered wrong. You should edit the details for that repo and remove the / after download. Or delete that repo and reenter, it seems to be the Mozilla repo.

PS: Don’t add repos willy-nilly, that’s a surefire recipe for problems. Read the sticky on which repos are recommended and add others only with care and consideration.

Well this appears to be a totally incorrect URL there is at least one extraneous / .

remove it from the repo list in Yast

I go in to YaSt and edit the repo (two of them had the corrupted URL), but when I click ok, they seem to go right back to having the extra /.

Delete and reenter.

You are probably doing it wrong if you are entering manually. Select the regular URL method. There should be a selection in the edit box that allows you to enter the URL as one string rather then 2.

Actually I just figured it out. It was a brain fart on my part. I had to click edit complete URL first. For some reason editing only part of it didn’t help. But for arguments sake, would I be able to find out how to delete and reenter just a single repo from the stickies around the forum?

Plus, thanks for the help. I’m definitely gonna peruse around and read some more first before I make another big mistake.

Just delete it there is a button for that use the add there is a button for that.

Yeah, but somehow Linux never makes anything that simple. Meh, curse the inexperienced I suppose.

Thats because you expect it to be hard. The Window layouts are just not what you “expect” if you are in Windows. You just need to look at the screens and menus. Linux is pretty much full featured.

BTW if you like the command line you can add/remove repos by zypper. You can get all the commands parameters by typing

man zypper

in fact you can get the manual pages for any command using the man and or info command followed by the command.

You will find these very handy:
SDB:Zypper usage - openSUSE

Sorry about the smiley face, a buglet with the new forum layout I guess, just click the link, there are two pages of cheat sheets, giving 90% of what most users will ever need to use zypper in day-to day situations, in a nice simple layout…