zypper ps

I regularly, almost daily, run zypper up. For some time now, it warns me to run zypper ps to find processes that are running deleted versions of files. It is hard for me to tell which are important and which I can ignore. I usually end up with a reboot.

The last zypper ps gave me the shortest list of processes I have seen in a long time:

These 3 are in every zypper ps, but I often have as many as 10 in the list. How do you restart these things without a reboot? If its the browser, I’ll kill the pid. But I often have plasma in the list along with others I can’t just kill.

Reboot is completely unnecessary - at most a logout if you feel that’s important.

The logout has not worked to clear all items listed in zypper ps. I have had several processes listed that remain listed after the logout. One that comes to mind is smb. Listed in the processes, at one time, were kdm and plasma. After logout, the menu no longer offered shutdown or reboot. Perhaps this is normal if I was running two sessions at once. But I went to the cli and rebooted anyway.

This doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone else or bother anyone else. In my case, it isn’t a problem for me to reboot. So, I guess its just something to ignore.

smb is a system service (Samba). It should be sufficient to restart it:

rcsmb restart

A reboot isn’t necessary.