'zypper ps -s' - How do I restart the processes listed?

After a ‘zypper up’ I have:

# zypper ps -s
The following running processes use deleted files:

PID   | PPID | UID  | User      | Command       | Service
16734 | 1    | 1000 | localuser | gdbus         |        
16921 | 1    | 1000 | localuser | systemmonitor |        

You may wish to restart these processes.
See 'man zypper' for information about the meaning of values in the above table.

When there is a service I know how to restart it - either by typing ‘rc<servicename> restart’ or using systemctl.

But what about these particular commands? How do I restart them gracefully without killing them and without data loss. Or do I need to reboot the system every time I can’t find how to do it?

Since they are user processes restart the desktop, logout/login.

i always reboot, only takes 30 seconds on ssd.

Thanks. How do I find out which particular processes require which particular action like that?

That’s what I usually do too. But sometimes there is a program running which I don’t want to terminate.

Well generally not always needed to reboot or restart immediately. Just needed to use the new code. So finish what you ar doing.

You can tell by the owner if owned by a user UID 1000 then logging out and back in is sufficient if owned by root then you need to restart the process or reboot. Note run zypper ps as root to see all processs