zypper list/dump to find files in a package

I have a problem compiling a package and the problem is that it can not find interpolation.h. I know it should be part of alglib and I think I had installed the development package earlier.

First I tried the straight way:

> find / -xdev -name interpolation.h

Then found zypper has a file-list option, so:

> sudo zypper se --file-list interpolation.h
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name                | Summary                                                  | Type
i+ | alglib-interp-devel | Development files for alglib-interp                      | package
i+ | grass-doc           | Documentation for GRASS GIS 7                            | package
i+ | hugin               | Toolchain for Stitching of Images and Creating Panoramas | package

I am quite sure the alglib-interp-devel has interpolation.h but I like to see details, a full path would be nice.

> sudo zypper info --provides alglib-interp-devel
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Information for package alglib-interp-devel:
Repository     : openSUSE:Science
Name           : alglib-interp-devel
Version        : 20090422-2.71
Arch           : i586
Vendor         : obs://build.opensuse.org/science
Installed Size : 3.2 MiB
Installed      : Yes
Status         : up-to-date
Source package : alglib-interp-20090422-2.71.src
Summary        : Development files for alglib-interp
Description    : 
    The alglib-interp-devel package contains libraries and header files for
    developing applications that use alglib-interp.
Provides       : [8]
    alglib-interp-devel = 20090422-2.71
    alglib-interp-devel(x86-32) = 20090422-2.71
    pkgconfig(alglib-ap) = 20090422
    pkgconfig(alglib-linearleastsquares) = 20090422
    pkgconfig(alglib-polynomial) = 20090422
    pkgconfig(alglib-rational) = 20090422
    pkgconfig(alglib-spline2d) = 20090422
    pkgconfig(alglib-spline3) = 20090422

No file information and this is the most detail I could find in zypper, interesting enough you can not find the work “dump” in the zypper man pages of the --help output

I know I can somehow get the .rpm file for alglib-interp-devel and then use “rpm -qlp” and will do that but zypper does somehow know “interpolation.h” is installed but I can not find any details about/around it.

Is there any way to access the internals of zypper / libzypp to dump this information?

Huh? You already has this package installed, you can simply do “rpm -ql alglib-interp-devel”.

zypper does somehow know “interpolation.h” is installed

Yes, it can search file list of installed packages. Same as using “rpm -ql”.

Okay, that work!

And yes, will never forget from now on, but missed that point that zypper is just a layer over the RPM package manager.

Good to see the details as it explains why the make script can not find interpolation.h:

> rpm -ql alglib-interp-devel | grep interpolation.h