zypper cannot find shared object

I get the following error after installing a package. I believe this occurred because zypper attempted to update libxml2 to meet package dependencies.

zypper: error while loading shared libraries: libxml2.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Is there any way to manually update the package database to solve this problem?

I suppose you are using a ‘home:’-repository or the like, for the “official” repositories do not offer an updated version of libxml2. Since zypper / YaST doesn’t seem to work at all for you right now, I suggest to download libxml2 manually from the oss-repo and install it via ‘rpm’, then deactivate the respective repo and switch all packages from it back to stable repositories.

How would I go about ‘switching’ the packages back to stable repositories as you suggested?

When only stable repos are present, a

zypper dup

…should do the trick. Remember you need to install libxml2 from ‘oss’ before.