zoom without root access - kde

Hello. Given how many security issues zoom has, is there a zoom app that can install as a sandboxed user?

Sandboxed to only write to that local folder, like tor-browser. Even better, locked to write only to that folder only.


That’s new to me. Tor browser most certainly has no restriction and is capable of writing and saving anywhere. What installation are you using?

What is the problem you see? When a user runs zoom (or any other program) that creates a user owned process and as such can only do things that users can do. E.g. it will only have write access to files when allowed by the permissions. And system files will not have write permission for a normal user.

I have to agree with the others here - Zoom doesn’t require root to run. If you want to sandbox it, maybe put it in a virtual machine? I’ve never seen an issue with it running on either my work Mac (running MacOS) or on my personal Linux PCs.

If you don’t want to run the app itself, you can opt to use the browser version (no installation required). Use a separate user profile or browser that’s not your “standard” browser, and that’ll give you the isolation you’re looking for.

(And tor-browser, in my experience, doesn’t have that kind of locked-down behavior).

Thanks for the info.

Where do I download the file? No need to use Yast.

I have zoom on linux working now.

Thanks to all for the help. :slight_smile:

FYI you can use the App Image

You mean phone app? Or opensuse 15.4 download?

An app Image is for use in your Linux distro
The first time you click it - you have to allow it permission to run
It’s basically a container for the app and everything it requires to run