Your boot time for 11.2

Ok, so installed 11.2 64bit KDE from live CD. And everything is working like a charm, except sound which i tweak a bit in /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf. Before was /etc/modprobe.d/sound in 11.1, i remember it that way. Anyway its not a big deal. Sound works without any hazel after that. Adding this line did the trick:

options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=1

Anyway that’s not the thread subject, back to topic.
I start, restart, and shut down many times the laptop and every time i note the boot time. So here are the results:

  • Start time from boot menu to desktop with login(had entered password too): 39.42 seconds
  • Restart time: 21.86 seconds
  • Shut down time(almost the restart time): 21.63 seconds

Laptop used is HP dv4 with specs:

  • intel centrino dual core processor 2.0Ghz
  • 4GB RAM

Its a great achievement from openSUSE devs and team.
So whats yours?

I don’t have the exact times, but I must say I’m pretty surprised over the boot time. Feels (almost) like a lightning.

39 seconds ish from boot to login screen, to KDE4 load.
The boot is about 25 seconds, not too bad but Ubuntu Karmic is quite a bit faster in boot, about 15 seconds (wow!) and it takes one or two seconds to log into gnome, so 17 seconds in total.
But despite this both are way faster then XP and Vista’s boot speed, and log in… those take about a minute, never timed 7 though.

Thats how I feel, its pretty fast.
11.2 boots slightly faster then 11.1, about 5 seconds so openSUSE’s boot times have improved a little.
Truth be told even at 25 seconds 11.2 is not too shabby in boot up speed, much faster then most others I have tried but Karmic is still much faster.

23 seconds. Xfce4

It all hangs on hardware in the end, and what is preloaded.
openSUSE seems a little slow in terms of boot then Ubuntu Karmic but it could be kernel, it could be modules, it could be anything.

Yup, at the end it comes to hardware.
As i said, my boot time is around 39 with password enabled on login screen. I think, its quite impressive.

Maybe my watch is too slowrotfl!
Actually I’m confused, same machine the install from livecd is faster, the install from dvd takes 27 seconds including password.

Well not everyones gonna be having the same speed issues, for me I am fine with openSUSE’s boot speed.
But I cant help compliment Ubuntu Karmic on its boot speed on my machine, that thing is lightning crazy fast.
But it doesnt make it better then openSUSE, in terms of overall performance both seem equal but in the long run openSUSE will probably be the more stable.
I am holding out for Lucid next to see if Ubuntu will stay or go.

Our pentium celeron with suse 9.1 takes 2-minutes to boot but was able to stand it.:shame:

I had 9.1 and never had boot issues with it, took about a minute to load.
But 9.1 suffered heavily from the infamous “dependency hell” and I did not use it for long.
Thank goodness I found Mepis linux or I would not be using linux today.
I first used linux back in 2003/4 and there were only a handful of “user friendly” distros back then, most of them came with a pricetag like Mandriva and SuSE 9.3.
9.1 was freely downloadable, but it had lots of issues.
I could not take it, only lasted two weeks before I kept on using windows as my main.
But then came Mepis 3.3, great distro in my mind.
Heck Mepis is still on my list of favorites despite I dont use it often.

I’m loyal to suse.:stuck_out_tongue:
Lot’s of old folks will disagree. 9.1 was the best of suse in the days.
Heh, I don’t use comparison.

me I have no real distro loyalties however I do favor debian based systems over .rpm ones.

I’ll lleave you there, it’s no longer about openSuSE 11.2 boot time which this thread is all about. To the op I apologize for dragging this thread to nowhere.

Yes, sorry sorry. lol!

My new 11.2 32-bit installation takes a bit more than 30 seconds to boot. Very impressive. Still slower than Fedora, though. That boots in less than 20 seconds. Quite unbelievable to a Windows user. lol! But I like openSUSE in most other ways, so I don’t care if the boot is slower than Fedora or not. (And openSUSE is still a cheetah compared to the Windows hedgehog!)

On a five year old machine which took 70 seconds for 11.1, it takes 90 seconds for 11.2 including selecting openSUSE in the GRUB menu and entering the password.

XP on the same machine takes 5 minutes including loading the antivirus.

wake up start the computer bot what ever openSuse 11.2 or 11.3 milestone 0 rarely windows. pour a cup of coffee come back and the os is up and running

Clocked 20 times:
Main machine (over 30 partitions mounted, NFS, NIS, HTTP) from GRUB to login avg. 15,3 secs, to KDE4 (+network connection) 23,1 secs
Laptop from GRUB to login avg. 13,3 secs, to KDE4 (+network connection) 22,1 secs