Yii platform


Is there somewhere a page so I can install the Yii platform on my Suse box ?


It is always nice to tell your potential helpers the version of openSUSE you use. This to avoid that they spoil their time in finding an answer for a version you do not use.

Although I have no experience with Yii,
Based on the brief description and recommendations on the Yii Download page

You’ll probably want to isntall your webserver (likely Apache) and PHP5 from the openSUSE repos.
Then, you should be able to install Composer, likely from http://software.opensuse.org

Then, you’ll probably be able to follow the documentation at Yii how to setup and use Yii.
Although I haven’t used Yii, typically all web frameworks are not dependent on the operating system or how the website is deployed on the OS, you only need required website components like PHP.


I apolize for that but I have Suse 13.1 installed.