Yet another Nvidia question

I have Suse 11 32 bit with an Nvidia 8400GS card. I have downloaded the drivers from the repository but do not know what to run in the X terminal to compile it. I have looked through the forums for this but it has escaped my gaze, can any one help?
I would like all the compiz eye candy but cannot enable desktop effects, it will not open to let me get at it. Any help for a newb?

Nvidia Installer HOWTO for SUSE LINUX users should sort you out


Have you installed the nvidia driver via 1-click? If not I recommend
the hard way, else follow the easy way here;

This is my canned response for doing it the ‘Hard Way’ :slight_smile:

You can download the driver for your arch from;
Nvidia Unix Drivers

On the download page, check that your card is supported by the driver
your about to download by using the following command;

/sbin/lspci -nv |grep VGA |cut -f4 -d ":"

From the above output use the four numbers from the output to look
at the Supported Products List (on the left) to verify your card is
supported by the driver.

You may wish to ensure your system is up to date. The first command
refreshes the repositories, the second lists any updates, the third
will apply the updates.

sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper lu
sudo zypper up

If you don’t have the kernel source and tools etc installed then

sudo zypper in kernel-source linux-kernel-headers kernel-syms
sudo zypper in -t pattern devel_basis devel_C_C++

Press ctrl+alt+F1 and login as your user :slight_smile:

su -
init 3

cd to the Nvidia Unix Driver you downloaded

sh NV*.run -q
sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia
init 5 && exit

The ctrl+alt+F7 gets you back to the GUI (X session).

Now after a kernel update, you don’t need to run the sax2 command, just
the others to get to run level 3, rebuild the driver and exit.

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Thank you for the replies people, but this is not what I am after.
I have downloaded the drivers but would like to know the terminal “sentences” to make them work. I have seen them on this forum before but cannot find them. They are something like “nvidia-xconfig” followed by 3 more lines in the same manner. Does anyone know these?

Have a look at the man page for nvidia-xconfig to add the option you
want to the xorg.conf file.

man nvidia-xconfig

You can’t beat sax2 for the initial configuration, then you can just
manually add the options to the xorg file.

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Thanks Malcom, but I cannot see what I need in these files. I do know it is something like render-accel and add-argb-glz-visuals but there is more to it than that. I am sorry to be a pain.

Thank you people for all your help, the part answer was in the FAQ’s, a nice person called Snakebite posted them.
I now have what i want for desktop 3D, but can anyone tell me what I have to do to get into desktop effects? It will not open at all and I want to enable the 3D effects. Is there something clever I can do to open this?

Glad you found an answer, I must admit to never having used
nvidia-xconfig have always used the method I posted without any issues
to enable 3D, desktop effects etc.

What desktop are you running, you have installed compiz etc?

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