Yast2 DNS errors / Monitor " DIMMING " errors

I have this happen on occasion. I seem to have put in the wrong thing that seems to disagree with YAST and if fails. I make no changes and the start server gets disabled and I can’t re-enabled. I seem to have this happen over and over again when I " have a conflict ". Not sure if its something I am doing that seems to upset yast but this seems to get disabled rather often with the following TLD .X after and then I have to reinstall my system only to configure hundreds of zones again which takes days. It causes me irritatingly hours of work when this happens.

As well I set the power hardware to time of 90minutes and it keeps dimming in 5 minutes again very irritating problem. Is this typical if someone mixes dns a certain way. It seems to happen again and again.

Any advice?

On 01/20/2013 05:26 AM, linkwiseseo wrote:
> Any advice?

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sorry to say but i think you need to:

  • not mix two problems in the same post

  • post those two different problems in the correct forum (that will
    place them where the guru who might help looks)

  • give each a subject relative to the problem

HOWEVER: as far as i know there is no connection whatsoever between
DNS or networking settings and monitor dimming, so it has nothing to do
with networking AND it is easy to fix…so i will answer that here (so
you don’t have to repost in the correct forum):

in the menu go Configure Desktop (or Personal Settings) > Hardware >
Power Management and with “Global settings” selected on the left look to
see which profile you have set for your current power condition…for
example, i GUESS you have a machine which is plugged into a power
source, and you are therefore using the “Performance” profile…if so,
then on the left select “Power Profiles”, and when the window changed to
a new view, click to highlight “Performance” (when that window opens it
might be focused on any of “Agressive powersave”, “Powersave” or

then, with Performance selected (IF that is the profile you are using
and plugged in) change the “Dim Display” setting from its current “After
5 min” to something higher, like “90 min”…

you said you had set the “power hardware to time of 90minutes” which i
must assume means you set that in the BIOS or you set that time length
for a profile not actually in use…

new (other) problem:

now, to the DNS question: if you are not a native English user maybe
there is a different language listed on the forums opening page
http://forums.opensuse.org/forum.php, maybe you will get better service
in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese,
Portuguese or Russian ?? i say because sorry but i can’t figure out what
your problem is, like:

you say you put the “put in the wrong thing that seems to disagree with
YAST” and i wonder in which part of YaST (i could GUESS in the “DNS
Server” module, or the “Network Settings” module, or the “DSL” module,
or Modem or ISDN or or or…

and WHAT did you put into where?

and, you wrote “I make no changes and the start server gets disabled and
I can’t re-enabled.” again, sorry but that makes no sense to me: there
is no “start server” i am aware of…are you trying to administer a
“server” or an individual’s “desktop”…or are you speaking of the X-server

when you write “configure hundreds of zones” what are telling us, are
you the administrator of a large private network with hundreds of
connected computers?

so, please describe the machine you are reinstalling on often.

and, describe the network with so many zones.

and, these zones you have to reconfigure, is that in the firewall module
of YaST you are working?

finally, please give an insight to your experience with managing large
networks and Linux…and answer these questions:

  • what is your operating system and version?

  • if a desktop environment is being use, please tell us what it is, and
    what version." have a conflict "

  • you write about “have a conflict” and i wonder if you are seeing an
    error message, and where you see it, and exactly what it says, and
    what was going on when the error message came to you.

again, thanks for posting and we hope to get you going!!


Thanks for the info this was a big help. I think I will try rhel server maybe something new. SUSE seems a bit too buggy for me no offense heres the nag screen I get in yast dns when I do something that yast gives me.

" Leaving Netconfig untouched "

When I manual edit the file it corrupts

When I touch anything manually it corrupts

When I touch anything in named manual it corrupts

No offense but its so finiky. It seems to corrupt as soon as there is some kind of fault line crashes the whole system.

I think its time for me to try something new.

> No offense but its so finiky.

use what works…but i will tell you that you are doing something
wrong…thousands and thousands…hundreds of thousands of folks don’t
fine YaST finicky, at all… you either installed from broken media OR
you have hardware not certified for Linux OR you are using YaST wrongly.

i GUESS you have Network Manager installed and active and then try to
edit config files. with or without YaST…

OH, you are going to Red Hat Enterprise Linux…ha, i guess you were
probably trying to install SUSE Linux Enterprise…and got into the
WRONG forum, these are the openSUSE forums, the enterprise forums
(DIFFERENT Linux, DIFFERENT forum) are over at http://forums.suse.com/

where you will find YaST ROCK SOLID.

wherever you end up (do not make the same mistake again and go to the
Fedora forums) best of luck to you.

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In addition to above, I think any seasoned DNS admin would also know how to create, configure, backup, restore, migrate and replicate “hundreds of zones” so it takes only seconds or minutes to build a new server, not days (or even an hour after building a machine).

If there is a lesson in this for others…

  • Consider virtualizing your Servers. For <all> the benefits.
  • Know you have built a solid base server before customizing. Maybe even backup or checkpoint immediately before heavy customization.
  • Know your craft. Take the time to learn how to do things right, particularly if you’re designing or building something new and not just maintaining something someone else built.