yast shows only 7 packages installed in @system tab

yast software management shows only 7 packages installed in @system tab a no other packages to install.
one week ago there was all the list of packages.
how can I get all the packages listed?

I’m not sure where you are looking.

If I use the “Repositories” view, then “@System” is one possible choice in that view.

I’m not sure where you are seeing an “@System” tab.

yes, that one,
the “Repositories” view choosing “@System

Perhaps it’s your perception at what @System packages are… orphans from no fixed abode :wink: they are ones that have normally been installed manually, or the repository they came from has been removed… so yes, normally there are only a few…

zypper se -si --sort-by-repo |grep "System Packages" | wc -l

zypper se -si --sort-by-repo |grep "System Packages"

zypper if tizonia

Information for package tizonia:
Repository     : @System <==
Name           : tizonia                                           
Version        : 0.18.0-1.1                                        
Arch           : x86_64                                            
Vendor         : obs://build.opensuse.org/home:malcolmlewis:TESTING

If I added my tesing repo, then the above would not be an @System file anymore.

Hm, from the Repositories View choosing @System, I see all packages that are installed on the system.

Actually you want to have no package in @system. They are orphaned and unmaintainable through repos. If deleted you can’t install them again easily. The following is perfect:

erlangen:~ # zypper se -si |grep "System Packages" 
i+ | kernel-default                               | package | 5.1.7-1.2                             | x86_64 | (System Packages)
erlangen:~ # 

With kernel-default being a multiversion package the older of the two versions available is labelled “(System Packages)”. Downloaded rpms go here:

erlangen:~ # zypper lr -uEP MyRepo
Alias          : MyRepo                         
Name           : MyRepo                         
URI            : dir:/home/karl/Downloads/myrepo
Enabled        : Yes                            
GPG Check      : (  ) No                        
Priority       : 100 (lowered priority)         
Autorefresh    : On                             
Keep Packages  : Off                            
Type           : rpm-md                         
GPG Key URI    :                                
Path Prefix    :                                
Parent Service :                                
Keywords       : ---                            
Repo Info Path : /etc/zypp/repos.d/MyRepo.repo  
MD Cache Path  : /var/cache/zypp/raw/MyRepo     
erlangen:~ # 

It depends on where you are looking. In some places, everything installed shows as @system.

erlangen:~ # zypper se -si |grep "System Packages" 
i+ | kernel-default                               | package | 5.1.7-1.2                             | x86_64 | (System Packages)
erlangen:~ # 

With kernel-default being a multiversion package the older of the two versions available is labelled “(System Packages)”.

That’s Tumbleweed. But for Leap 15.x, the older kernels should still show a repo.

well, at the relaunch of yast software management it gives me this error:
cannot read the list of installed packages
then retrying yast asked me to confirm the trust key of all the repositories
ant then this is the result:
as previous only 7 packages shown
the other repositories shows only a list of not installed packages

Maybe something wrong with the RPM database?

sudo rpm --rebuilddb

I, too, see it exactly as hcvv sees it. It’s always been that way for me (since 2006 (or 2007??)).


sudo rpm --rebuilddb

, rebooted, but it didn’t solve

Another shot in the dark:

zypper clean -a

I did but nothing changed:

procuste@share3-ST:~> su
share3-ST:/home/procuste # zypper clean -a
Tutti i repository sono stati puliti.
share3-ST:/home/procuste # 

manythanks hank, but, I did yast2>packages>all packages>update if newer version available
and yast updated many packages and now much more packages appears in yast2>software management>repositories tab>@system
and also, if it can weakly light up the dark, if I go in yast2[FONT=Noto Sans]>software management>search tab and search yast2 and mozilla firefox and kate and kwrite and many other packages they results uninstalled, but I’m using them and I’m sure that they are installed.
so, this led to think me that there is a mismatching between the real installed software and the installed software that is shown by yast2>software management.
any other suggestion?
thank you guys :wink:

after have red the zypper man I did also zypper ref --force -force-build --force-download but nothing changed :frowning:
does yast2 is only a GUI and it uses the zypper commands?
may be I have to investigate the rpm commands?
any other suggestion?

YaST > Software Management and zypper inrerface to libzypp.

Most (I assume even: All) things that you can do using YaST > Software Management can be done by a combination of zypper commands. I am not sure that all zypper commands with all combinations of options are covered by YaST (in fact, I am pretty sure that YaST does not cover everything as is so often the case with GUI applications)…

zypper is of course a CLI tool, and YaST has a GUI (using GTK or QT), an ncurses interface and also a CLI.
EDIT: the CLI does NOT support the YaST Software Management module, but there are two yast commands to install and remove software packages.)