Yast partitioner mounting


What exactly does the yast partitioner do
Because putting a mounting sequence in /etc/fstab makes booting hang on armv8

https://en.opensuse.org/YaST_Partitioner does not have contents (nor does old wiki)
I don’t know how to navigate GitHub - yast/yast-storage-ng: Rewrite of https://github.com/yast/yast-storage for documentation

It is rather unclear what it means. The editing of /etc/fstab hangs (i.e. YaST itself hangs)? System hangs on boot after changing /etc/fstab?

system hangs on boot after adding a line UUID= to /etc/fstab

The obvious answer without any factual information from the system - UUID does not exist.

i commented out the line yast partitioner added, then removed the mounting through yast. rebooted & uncommented fstab, rebooted, and i get the same issue where mounting enabled through yast does not make boot hang. weird little quirk

Can you please SHOW things instead of telling vague stories?

E.g. when you have a problem with /etc/fstab, the you shoud at least add

cat /etc/fstab

and it’s output in your post.

And so on, e.g. you show that that UUID does exist (e.g. lsblk -f, or ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid).

You should understand that most of us do not believe what you say, but we believe what the system says. :wink:

First of all you can do “partitioning” with it. That is creating a partition table, (possibly based on an existing one) and write it to a mass-storage device.

It can do much more outside what the name suggests, like

  • creating and managing Logical Volumes (LVM);
  • creating and managing MD RAID devices;
  • creating (and managing?) several types of file systems on the containers it supports (devices, partitions LVs, …);
  • creating fstab entries;
  • creating mount points;
  • there is a special Btrfs menu item, bit I never looked it it;
  • more…?